Flattering frames

December 15, 2017 09:04 am

Be it summer or winter, you need a pair of sunglasses when you step out. It not only does the obvious i.e. protect your eyes, but also adds an extra oomph to your ensemble and the best part is that you can slap on a pair of sunglasses when you think you aren’t looking your best and hide behind them.

Upgrade your ramen

December 15, 2017 09:03 am

You may be thinking why would anybody bother with ramen tutorials, all you have to do is boil some water. But no, my friend, the humble ramen can be turned into so much more. It’s a snack eaten around the world and many have found ways to tweak it to fit their styles.

Skincare essentials for men

December 15, 2017 08:53 am

Like women, men also suffer from a lot of skin problems. But sadly, there is not a lot of information one can find regarding men’s face care routine.

Suiting women

December 15, 2017 08:47 am

Gone are the days when suits were just male clothing staple. These days women wear tailored blazers and trousers to office and formal occasions and even casually on a day out with friends or while catching up with cousins for lunch.

Dummies guide to elections

December 15, 2017 08:42 am

I stood up for election when I was in the sixth grade. The election for class captain was a three-way race and out of 40 students, I received only four votes.

Doing it yourself

December 15, 2017 08:34 am

In the movie Loot, the character ‘Haku Kale’ played by Saugat Malla often describes Kathmandu as ‘Gidda Gidda ko sahar’ – which roughly translates into a city of vultures.

Modern parenting 101

December 15, 2017 08:33 am

Nobody said raising a child would be easy but, these days, parents claim that they find the task to be more challenging than ever before. Is it really that they get difficult to handle with each generation? Or have many parents’ simply missed a crucial memo?

All for Arts

December 8, 2017 08:17 am

Located in a side alley through a busy street in Patan, Yala Mandala is an urban artisan village that comprises of a gallery, café, and art residency program. Handicraft workshops are held to contemporize culture and traditions.

Crafts with conscience

December 8, 2017 08:14 am

In July 2006, SAARC Chamber Craft Village (SCCV) established its first retail outlet in Kathmandu to create a sustainable trade network between South Asian women entrepreneurs. The major motive behind the opening of the store was to provide women a platform to display their skills and furthermore to uplift their economic conditions regardless of their religion and nationality. “We take goods from various producers and promote them under a single brand name. We now have goods from more than sixty different owners in our shop,” says Jyoti S. Tuladhar, CEO of SAARC Chamber Craft Village.

The importance of woman in STEM

December 8, 2017 08:10 am

STEM here stands for the careers that parents, teachers and society in general have struggled to motivate students, female students in particular, to pursue. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM, thus, has become renowned as a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in these specific disciplines. Last month, Irina Sthapit, 24, coordinator at Karkhana received an invitation to join and represent Nepal in one of their latest initiatives, International Visitors Leadership Program's (IVLP) Hidden No More: Empowering Women Leaders in STEM.