KATHMANDU, May 5: Badri Pun has been barred from contesting the local-level elections because of the gender identity in his citizenship certificate.

Democracy becomes much dearer

April 3, 2017 06:00 am

KATHMANDU, April 2: The upcoming election is going to be about twice as costly as that of 17 years ago, even after adjusting for inflation. Government data shows that spending for the parliamentary election in 1999 was Rs 2.75 billion while the estimated spending for the upcoming local election is projected at Rs 20 billion. Adjusting Rs 2.75 billion for an average annual inflation rate of 8 percent over 17 years would result in a figure of around Rs 10 billion.

KATHMANDU, March 31: Pressure to purchase a specific radiotherapy machine for Bir Hospital, the oldest and biggest hospital in the country, has deprived cancer patients of treatment for more than a year and a half.

A majority of the 2,000 schools in  Kathmandu Valley are running alongside the roads, without any consideration of the harmful effects of the pollution on the thousands of school children. The existing rules include provisions for a healthy atmosphere and greenery at schools as well as on restrictions on  the sale of alcohol and tobacco products in the school vicinities. However, these rules have remained confined to paper.

KATHMANDU, Feb 16: Rather than investigating misuse of millions meant for earthquake victims, Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has formed a committee  to find out who was involved in leaking information to media about the funds misuse.

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Many education consultancies in the country are reportedly involved in cheating, human trafficking, embezzling foreign currency and money laundering.

KATHMANDU, February 2: National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has summoned representatives of the various NGOs and INGOs in its office in the capital on Wednesday and asked them to adhere to maintain the transparency and accountability when it comes to assisting in post-quake reconstruction.

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: The National Re-construction Authority (NRA) has Thursday given authority to concerned agencies to release around Rs 12 billion to hand out second installment of the relief grant to the quake-survivors in 14 worst hit districts for the reconstruction of their quake-damaged houses.

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: Amid the ongoing debate over whether to retrofit or rebuild the Singha Durbar, the Department of Archaeology (DoA) has set up a new plan to conduct further study of the administrative building which was damaged during the April 2015 earthquake.

BHAKTAPUR, Dec 29: Septuagenarian Saila Poju, a local of Byasi of Bhaktapur, has been constructing the wall of the historic Vatsala Devi Temple in front of the 55-Window Palace at Bhaktapur Durbar Square since the last two months. His son and some other locals have been helping the 72-year-old in reconstructing the temple, which was damaged by earthquakes last year.