Lute Biralo out in market

July 8, 2017 13:18 pm

Shreedevi Devkota’s forth album ‘Lute Biralo’ was recently launched amid a function. The album, produced by Annapurna Vision Music Pvt Ltd, is a collection of traditional Nepali Teej song.

As many as nine journalists working in the field of children’s rights were awarded with the National Child-sensitive Journalism Award-2074 for their contribution on Friday.

Running In Circles

July 8, 2017 13:07 pm

I had been lost for a long time in a place unknown Walking towards a destination that my heart had shown In the middle of my journey, I had this urge of going back But I couldn’t risk it as I had come so far.

Let’s live and let live

July 8, 2017 13:03 pm

If he doesn’t talk to anyone but himself, so what! Yes, so what sense does it make if he doesn’t talk to them who often talk the bad sides of others? Who constantly points out other people’s flaws when the group starts getting the heat of the conversation to keep flowing forward? What has he done wrong by isolating himself from these groups? Why do people say him that he has an attitude problem? Why don’t people leave him and let him be in his sound state? Does he have to be in the same group, pull other people’s leg and be among them to continue the talk?

Back in July 2016, as my cousin was getting married, I was anxiously waiting for my visa. And like they say, ‘things come to you when you least expect it’, I got my visa on the same day my cousin got married. I was thrilled about going abroad, but I didn’t want to leave Nepal.

The Lake City is planning to ban unnecessary use of horn in the city area from July 16. The ‘No Horn Program’ is being launched with the collaborative effort of Pokhara-Lekhnath Municipality and Traffic Police.

CHITWAN: The inflow of tourists in Patihani, Chitwan has been on the rise in last few weeks. Situated near the main office of Chitwan National Park, Patihani offers a scenic view of different types of birds and endangered animals.

Revolutionizing make-up

July 6, 2017 12:28 pm

Though Sizi Thapa has no studio of her own, she is still one of the few established make-up artists in the country. She works as a freelancer and lives her days with versatility. Her 10-day make-up workshop, which to a make-up beginner was one of the most informative make-up experiences, concluded on July 4.

Jay Sean Live At Déjà Vu

July 6, 2017 12:20 pm

KATHMANDU: Youhaan International Events Media organized a press conference to announce Jay Sean’s concert at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, in Soltee Mode on Wednesday. The concert will be held on July 12 in Club Déjà vu, Durbarmarg 7:00 pm onwards.

Garden of Dreams (photo feature)

July 6, 2017 12:17 pm

KATHMANDU: Garden of Dreams is situated in the midst of Kathmandu city. It was built by the late Field Marshal Kaiser Shumsher Rana in the early 1920s, with the help of Kishor Narsingh, an architect who designed and constructed Singha Durbar. Garden of Dreams was earlier known as the ‘Garden of Six Seasons’.