KATHMANDU, April 25: A week of Jazz celebration has kicked off in Kathmandu and Patan that will continue until Sunday to mark the International Jazz Day 2017. The event is organized by Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC) in collaboration with UNESCO and different organizations.

Who can stop you from dreaming?

April 25, 2017 23:10 pm

“How can I be successful in life?” This is a common question with people all across the world. The only answer to this question is to follow your dreams. We all have a dream to become something and achieve something in future. We might see ourselves as a world famous scientist, an astronaut, a dancer, an actor, singer or many other professionals in various fields. Everybody dreams big when they are young but seem to forget to work hard and tend to procrastinate.

Heart to Heart with Malvika

April 25, 2017 23:00 pm

I am a 20- year- old girl and have been in a relationship with a guy for 3 years now. He is a great guy and I love him and so does he. However, he is very ambitious and goal-oriented and I have pretty average ambitions compared to his, which is not a problem as that is one of the things I like about him, but sometimes I feel like I am not enough for him. Maybe it’s his way of motivating me and it does help at times but sometimes “why can’t you do that? / you should have done that” doesn’t really help a lot when you are feeling down and want to hear “it’s okay”. Everyone loves a hard-working and ambitious person and he is not different. I know he loves me but I feel like if he sees me failing/procrastinating/slacking off at times he might fall out of love. I fear to do things in front of him because I have a fear of failure and not being enough for him and he prefers a girl with an opposite attitude towards life just like everyone else. When I try to talk to him about this, it just doesn’t go through him. He is more of like “find a way to win” or “if you fall, don’t cry just stand up and run”. It’s hard to make him understand that people”cry” too. Most of the times he is right logically so I cannot say a lot to him but it’s mentally and emotionally tiring to always be the best of you. We love each other and are doing great so I don’t want to ruin this relationship by over thinking but I just feel like he’ll find me weak and won’t like me anymore. And also I feel like if I become like him, it won’t be the real me; instead, I’ll just be his substitute. Help me from over-thinking. What should I do?

The 'Fast & the Furious' franchise might be expanding into a Cinematic Fury-verse as Universal is reportedly planning a spin-off film centred on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham's characters.

JOHANNESBURG, April 24: Three African countries have been chosen to test the world's first malaria vaccine, the World Health Organization announced Monday. Ghana, Kenya and Malawi will begin piloting the injectable vaccine next year with hundreds of thousands of young children, who have been at highest risk of death.

The cast of a new adaptation of dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” insisted on Friday they did not set out to make a feminist statement, but some hoped the TV show would inspire viewers to take political action.

Kendrick Lamar pulled off the biggest US album debut this year with “DAMN.” which sold 603,000 copies or equivalent in streaming and downloads since April 14.

‘I’m happy on red beacon ban’

April 23, 2017 23:30 pm

Veteran actress Hema Malini, who attended Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Awards 2017 on Friday, said that she is happy with Indian government’s decision to ban red beacons from vehicles.

KATHMANDU, April 23: “13 Reasons Why” is popular Netflix series based on the 2007 novel written by Jay Asher. The series has gained popularity all over world, mostly for its story and the message it portrays.

Why our taste for music differs

April 23, 2017 23:10 pm

KATHMANDU, April 23: People’s taste in music has been evolving over time. From classical music to hip-hop to pop/rock, people have been prioritizing different genres of music throughout their generations. Today’s modern music seems to be leaning more towards pop, EDM and hip-pop.