KOLHAPUR, March 15: There seems to be no respite for filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His upcoming film Padmavati has been under the scanner ever since the director announced the ambitious project. And after the Jaipur attack, Bhansali shifted base to Kolhapur in Maharashtra to resume the shooting of the film. But if reports are to be believed, the sets were once again attacked on Tuesday night, this time in Kolhapur.

When it comes to meeting a potential partner, many people look for a spark or a special connection.

Writing poems liberate me

March 14, 2017 23:30 pm

Prakriti Nakarmi had always been soft spoken and introvert among her group of friends. She dreaded socializing and couldn’t express herself. But in writing she found her safe haven. She started keeping diary at 12 but soon realized that it would be embarrassing if someone came across it. She then tried her hand on story writing; however it seemed too unembellished for ever changing life of a teenager. It was poem that took her on an expedition of emotions and sensations. Grade 12 student Prakriti Nakarmi, in tête-à-tête with Republica’s Prasansha Rimal talks about her experience of being a normal teenager and a published poet.

KATHMANDU, March 14: The fifth edition of Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival (NHRIFF) will commence on Thursday at Nepal Tourism Board with the screening of ‘Devaki’, a film by Devaki Bista.

Goût de France: Good France

March 14, 2017 23:10 pm

KATHMANDU, March 14: The third edition of ‘Goût de France /Good France’ was introduced by the French Embassy on March 13.

Heart to Heart with Malvika

March 14, 2017 23:00 pm

I am 24-year -old woman working in an international organization which has given me social respect. Few months back when I did not have the job, I was depressed. I worked hard to get a job with descent salary and post. However, the problem is that my job is opposite to my personality. My work does not require much interaction with other people and is based on a strict routine. I really don’t know why but I don’t want to do this job anymore. I can’t even change this job because I am still not sure about what I want to do out of my life. I have explored few areas but still I am not sure which sector would be best for me. I have even thought of doing an MBA, thinking that it will give me better exposure. Is it a good idea?  I can’t even leave the job and take risks as I am the only breadwinner. I feel lost. I have responsibilities but I am not happy. I am in an emotional turmoil. How do I understand myself better? What should I do?

Atif Aslam released a new single titled ‘Younhi’ on his 34th birthday.

Ed Sheeran gets cameo role in GoT

March 13, 2017 16:20 pm

Game of Thrones producers have confirmed that Ed Sheeran will make a cameo appearance in the seventh series of the show, according to BBC.

HONG KONG March 13: At a time when generation gap has become a major issue among Hong Kong-based Nepali immigrants, Nepathya has presented itself as a bridge connecting all generations.

KATHMANDU, March 13: Comedian Dipak Raj Giri has formally announced to produce Chhakka Panja-2, the sequel to Chhakka Panja through social media on Sunday evening.