Combating drugs

June 27, 2016 00:16 AM

Official data suggest that in 2012 there were 91,534 drug-users in Nepal, with 70,000 of them under 30

At the crossroads

June 27, 2016 00:12 AM

Farmer managed irrigation systems survived changes in hydro-climatic, social, institutional and policy conditions, but their performance is now under stress

Infographic: EU referendum in maps and charts

June 27, 2016 00:10 AM

Support for leave, the top five areas(%)

Resuscitating Reconstruction

June 25, 2016 07:00 AM

Reconstruction is multi-dimensional. It is not just about restoring subsistence or resurrecting fallen homes. It is about nurturing the capacities of institutions, building integrated settlements and interconnected rural centers of growth

Why they stammer

June 25, 2016 00:25 AM

There is no gender bias on who stammers. The important thing is that it’s a curable condition most of the times

To a better society

June 25, 2016 00:21 AM

Social innovation entails designing services for citizens based on their needs and concerns

1950 revisited

June 23, 2016 00:15 AM

Many Nepalis wrongly believe the 1950 treaty or the subsequent Letters of Exchange accompanying it provided for open border

Infographic: Why education in Finland is good

June 23, 2016 00:05 AM

Finland’s school system accomplishes some impressive feats:

The communist calculus

June 22, 2016 00:59 AM

The two communist parties, it appears, are convinced that giving continuity to current coalition is the best way to ensure communist victories in all three polls to be held within a span of 20 months

Ready for action

June 22, 2016 00:55 AM

Nepal Army, as an apolitical institution, can play an effective role in coordination, management and implementation of rebuilding works