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Rescue operation

Earthquake-affected people of Gorakhnath, Sindhupalchowk being air-lifted to Kathmandu by the Nepal Army personnel. (Pratik Rayamajhi/ Republica) ...

Supporting structure

Old houses supported by wooden staves following the earthquake at Khokana Lalitpur. (Bijay Rai/ Republica) ...

Childhood joy

A girl playing with her one-year-old sister at the camp set up for earthquake affected people in Tudhikel, Kathmandu. (Bijay Gajmer/Republica) ...

Praying for Nepal

A monk prays at Bauddhanath Stupa in Kathmandu on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti while other devotees light votive lamps. (Dinesh Gole) ...





The big picture

Earthquake aftermath The initial estimate of the funds needed for immediate rehabilitation and reconstruction, now that rescue work has been officially closed, is anywhere between US $6 billion to $10 billion. This is nearly 50 percent of the country's GDP. There is no way Nepal will be able to put together such a vast sum. Thankfully, our international partners and the global NRN community have been extremely generous. The NRN UK community has reportedly amassed $2 billion. Cine star Rajesh Hamal has been able to secure...


Grateful to Mamata for help: Nepal minister

Grateful to Mamata for help: Nepal minister

PANITANKI, May 5: Three months back, in February, chief minister Mamata Banerjee flew the 466km distance from Kolkata to Dhaka to send a message that she is finally willing to look beyond Bengal in broader national interest. On Monday, she...

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Hari Bansha Jha - avatar Hari Bansha Jha

To our rescue

What took centuries to build, the...

Adarsha Tuladhar - avatar Adarsha Tuladhar

Requisites of revolution

At first, let me express my...

Shambhu Ram Simkhada - avatar Shambhu Ram Simkhada

Disaster diplomacy

Diplomacy has an emergency and humanitarian...


NPWF to provide Rs 100,000 to family of deceased players

KATHMANDU, May 5: National Players' Welfare Fund (NPWF) on Tuesday decided to provide Rs 100,000 to the family of six deceased players and a sports journalist who lost their lives in the devastating earthquake on April 25 that claimed life...

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The Week

Dharahara Updates

Dharahara Updates

The crumbled ruins of Dharahara have quickly become a symbol of the enormity of the earthquake that hit our country. Satellite images of the spot where the 183 years old, 60 meters high white monument once stood have been splashed...


Miley Cyrus on Bruce Jenner, pink armpits, her new charity

Miley Cyrus on Bruce Jenner, pink armpits, her new charity

LOS ANGELES, May 5: When Miley Cyrus wears pasties or posts photos of her pink armpits, it's not to be a provocateur. The 22-year-old says she's just being herself, and she wants all young people to have that same opportunity.That's...


Vacancy: Micromanager NOT Wanted

Vacancy: Micromanager NOT Wanted

Humans, by nature, like to be in control, they like...

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