Rani Mahal destination for lovebirds

February 14, 2017 17:09 PM Mukti Prasad Nyaupane

PALPA, Feb 14: The Valentine Day is being observed across the world today. The Valentine Day dates back to the Roman Empire when it had given a priest named Valentine a death penalty for disobeying the military rule and encouraging youths for love relationship and marriage.

Consequently, the youths started celebrating the February 14 as a festival to commemorate priest Valentine. The lovebirds gather at parks, public places and gardens and share gifts and express love toward each other. This is also viewed as an auspicious occasion for those seeking a partner for marriage. The Valentine Day is gaining popularity in Nepal of late.

In Palpa, Ranimahal, a palace, is the major destination for lovebirds. In 1887, General Khadga Shumsher Rana was forced to drop his royal title and was sent to Palpa-Gauda as the Western Commander in Chief of Nepal. In 1992, Khadga Shumsher's beloved youngest wife Tej Kumari Devi died and within a year Khadga built up a palace and named after his wife as Rani Mahal. Rani Mahal, which was built on the bank of Kaligandaki River at the border of Baughagumha and Khanigaun VDC of Palpa, lies over 17 km from Tansen.

True lovers are found reminiscing their pasts and imagining of their future. Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day to express love and faith, and especially teenagers celebrate it by exchanging gifts as a form of love. This day is also taken as the day to express love and feelings which is hidden in one’s heart. The family love is different to the spirit of love between the two souls. When a person gets tangled in love, his world begins to roam in these things. It is known that love stands by faith and trust.

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