Limitations of Desire

April 21, 2017 23:25 PM Prashant Ghimire

KATHMANDU, April 21: The desire of a person increases along with the time. From the ancient past to this modern world, many changes have occurred. The revolutionary period changed the motive of people completely and along with it their desires outburst. The tall buildings didn’t satisfy people anymore it just grew taller along with people’s desire. Many innovations were invented just to quench the thirst of quality life of human beings.  When the bullets of desire were fired all over the world and this present world came into existence. 

 Just few years back, the mobiles with two mega pixels camera were extolled widely. However, now they are quite extinct, people want more.. We can witness people’s desire for luxury even in camera lenses. I added this context to emphasize the needy ones too. If the modern equipment or tools which are made costly are not handyto the poor ones then the desire for the development is worthless.   Desires make the people ambitious. It also provides people, adequate motivation to do any assignment effectively.

There is a saying---’Try to utilize the available resources more effectively rather than sharpening desires.’’ This statement often has often made me realize my mistakes when I have asked my parents for items based solely on my materialistic desire. We should all learn to be satisfied with what we have.

The lessons from the history teach us that we should be able to adapt in the unfavorable situation effectively not thinking about useless desires. Because desires can never be fulfilled it’s limitless.  Our desires are also the result of external influences.  Most teenagers are influenced to smoke as they see their favorite celebrity smoking. When we talk about desire we should also think about those who don’t have an option to desire for more for new gadgets and big houses.  For people who can’t afford to put food on their table daily desires are limited. It’s a privilege, so instead of just focusing on our needs and trying to fulfill unrealistic desires, why don’t we try to create a scenario where even the unfortunates can dream and desire for a healthy life. 

Prashant is grade 10 student at Bright Future School

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