Steve Aoki set to rock Kathmandu

September 14, 2017 11:49 AM Republica

American electro house musician, record producer and DJ Steve Aoki all set to perform live at Club Déjà Vu, Durbar Marg on September 19.

KTMLIVE Entertainment is partnering with Team 61LIVE from Hong Kong to organize 'Carlsberg presents Steve Aoki Live In Nepal' in association with Republica. Steve, who was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album in 2013, will be performing in Nepal for the first time. Well known DJs of Nepal namely Finzok, Karyon, Norchen, Phuchhey, Punit, Redmus, Rabbit and Suren, among others, will share the platform with Steve. The organizer and some of the DJs shared their excitement with My City.

Ritesh Marwadi
Founder of KTMLIVE Entertainment

The Event
‘Steve Aoki live in Nepal’ is the biggest EDM event in Nepal till date. We are expecting a good turnout as the artist doesn't need any introduction being in the world top seven and Guinness record holder. There is no doubt that he is one of the DJs in the scene today. 

Ticket Details
The tickets are available in various KTMCTY outlets in Dubar Marg, Thamel, Jawlakhel, Boudha and Chuchhepati. Interested ones can also call at 9803137169 / 9801034345 / 9801074430 for the tickets. 

Reason for inviting Steve
Steve Aoki has always been my personal favorite, while our main partner Team 61LIVE from Hong Kong has been working closely with Steve and his management around the globe for a long time now. So, we thought it would be great to have him in Nepal. 

His response to invitation 
Steve and his team are very excited to visit Nepal as it’s their first time here. He is also the first DJ from DJ MAG TOP 10 to perform in Nepal. It’s going to be a magical experience for the EDM lover. 

Challenges in bringing Steve to Nepal
The past two months have been challenging for us as only a limited population of our country know about international artists and DJs. We made tremendous efforts to educate people about the artist and to meet the artist’s technical requirements. I am making sure that everything falls in place on time. But, we are confident that the stress is going to be worth our effort at the end of the day. 

About other DJs 
We also have great talents within Nepal when it comes to DJs. It was a tough process for the team to short list the DJs. But we are happy to have talented DJs like DJ Rabbit, DJ Finzok, DJ Bkicool, DJ Norchen, DJ Phuchhey, DJ Punit, DJ Krayon, DJ Redmus and DJ Suren. 

Your Expectation
Steve Aoki is known for his energetic performances with some great remixes. With one of the best venues in town, Club Déjà Vu, we are hopeful to give the attendees the experience of their lifetime with good management, easy access to bar and ticket counters, and of course a great show.




Steve Aoki for you
Steve Aoki is someone I look up to. He is my favorite DJ and music producer.

DJ-ing for you
It is my only way to express emotions with the means of music. 

What should one expect from the event?
This is going to be one of the biggest EDM events in Nepal.

Current scenario of DJs in Nepal
DJ-ing in Nepal is improving gradually, and I'm sure that one day it will reach an international level.


AKA DJ Suren

Steve Aoki for you

Steve Aoki is one of my favorite DJs. He is famous for making his crowd happy and I like his style of throwing cakes at the crowd to make the parties even more exciting. 

DJ-ing for you

It is my passion and profession that makes me happy.

What can one expect from the event?

Fun and excitement for sure.

Current scenario of DJs in Nepal

A few years back not many people knew about DJ-ing, but it is spreading gradually thanks to the various new clubs.

Nikun Shrestha

AKA DJ Phuchhey

Steve Aoki for you

A very good and talented performer.

DJ-ing for you

It's a musical therapy for me when I see the audience jumping to my beats. 

What should one expect from the event?

As the top seven DJs are coming to perform at a single EDM platform, it's going to be a big fat event.

Current scenario of DJs in Nepal

The current scenario is slightly improving with the mega events like this being held in the country. The audience can also contribute to DJs by buying the tickets.


AKA DJ Punit

Steve Aoki for you

He is my inspiration and an world icon in the DJ scene.

DJ-ing for you

DJ-ing is my passion and I want to take electronic music in Nepal to next level. 

What can one expect from the event?

I hope the taste of music will change and Nepali DJs will get an international exposure through these kinds of big events. 

Current scenario of DJs in Nepal

Talented DJs are getting better opportunities than in the past years.

Tenzing Norchen Lama

AKA DJ Norchen

Steve Aoki for you

He is one of my favorite DJs and I look up to him because I envy his style.

DJ-ing for you

DJ-ing is a part of me and I am incomplete without it.

Current scenario of DJs in Nepal

Nepali DJs still have a long way to go in comparison to the international scenario. But it has been improving slowly and the future definitely looks good. 

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