I am here to question why

September 14, 2017 12:23 PM Binod Bikram KC

I am here to question why 
Why nobody sues iphone for crime against humanity? 
When teenagers are selling their kidneys 
To own that ridiculously dazzling stuff 
Why are they not ashamed? 

To use the dry and dead eyes 
Of half dead malnutrition children 
As a magnificently marbled staircase
To get in Forbes list of billionaires
Why it’s been the way of life?

To watch every day on television 
The big, broad and obscene smile of the planet heroes 
Whose favorite pastime is to play with democracy-toys 
And to carpet-bomb a country
Why those jokers wearing false noses 
Are convinced that everything’s alright?

And pretend to smell the goodness of the situation
Why they always declare war on flowers, on rainbows, on birds?

For being strikingly beautiful 
Why peace has been the luxury of well fed good breeds? 
Why it’s so simple that who can’t afford it don’t get it?
Why it’s never clear?

Do they first produce peace, bombs, bullets, 
War on terror and then terrorists?

Or do they first produce terrorists, war on terror, 
And then peace and then bombs and bullets? 
Why there are so many supermarkets and malls? 

And everyone is reduced to a buyer 
A frightened miniature 
Why this world is so bad, so ugly, so cruel, 
So cold, so painful, so merciless, so inhuman and so comical?

I am here to question why 
Why did I collect so many whys as if they’re jewels? 
Why I didn’t make them weapons? 

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