Celebrate innovation

September 14, 2017 12:32 PM ADISH KARKI

The world has turned to a small, global, smart city. No one's stable. No one's passive. As everyone is always innovating something new. This has only made us able to accommodate over seven billion people in this Earth.

Often we hear, "Experience is mother of innovation." This means every innovation and creation are somehow connected with us. We nowadays carry smartphones and laptops. But how did they come into existence? Human's innovation. In slumber we become kings to slaves but how? Innovation. We always imagine because we are fond of innovation as imagination only welcomes innovation. So from gaming regions to medical fields, eating to sleeping, walking to reading; everywhere innovation has cemented its position.

Movies, books, anime, sports make us innovative. Our own innovations inspire us to become more innovative. We believed that Eiichiro Oda created anime 'One Piece', but the truth is that he just wrote manga. The animation work was done by Toei Animation Studio. And when these duo innovations got mingled, we drove ourselves crazy for it. Likewise the game 'Clash of Clans' has driven us crazy. From children to adults. So what is proved? 'Innovation is a magnet attracting everyone.'  

Innovation is a matter of imagination. What we imagine, we try to create.

Someone imagined something fidgety. Innovation ticked off and we welcomed the ultimate fidget spinner. If we have imagination we can innovate. There's nothing to hold us and our brains back. Let's imagine more. Hence, the ultimate goal of human sustains in maximizing the innovations. 


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