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May 11, 2018 08:51 AM Anweiti Upadhyay

Food Truck Park officially opened its doors this Nepali New Year just a few weeks ago and already this quaint place is trending all over social media attracting many new customers everyday. A new venture of the Sherpa Bros Company, the Food Truck Park is located at a relatively small space in Nagpokhari, Kathmandu but the menu isn’t as limited as the space.

One of the owners, Kashi Palzor Sherpa, reveals that the idea for Food Truck Park came about at a brainstorming session where all the six co-owners of the Shepra Bros Company were present. “We had a good idea of how restaurants worked because our initial business, The Design Studio, has completed multiple restaurant and hotel designing and decoration projects and one of the owners already has an eatery, Level 3. We figured that a food truck park would be an innovative and interesting place to get a quick bite to eat and worked on a plan,” says Sherpa.

Although traditional food truck parks are places where mobile food vehicles come around and leave at the end of the day, Sherpa believes that this would not be possible within Nepal in the current context. But he and his team have tried to give a similar laidback vibe to this eatery. Everyone including the Sherpa Bros Company team and the customers are extremely satisfied with the outcome i.e. the overall ambience and feel of the place.

The first truck you see when you walk into Food Truck Park is the The Diner that serves basic western fast food items. Then on its right is the Yakitory, the Japanese station serving everything from sushi to Japanese barbecue. The next station combines Subs and Juice and The Halal Guys. Subs and Juice serves different sandwiches and freshly made fruit juices and The Halal Guys complement it with a little more filling food. Sandwiched between the two is the coffee station and bar. A couple of steps to your right, you come across the Tacos and Tapas truck that serves Mexican food. The last truck situated next to Tacos and Tapas’ is the Dumplings, the Chinese food station that serves momos too.

The Sherpa Bros Company started working on the Food Truck Park about seven months back and Sherpa reveals they are still working on it, adding small details here and there, to make it look and feel better.  

“So far, people like our food and compliment us on the staff and the ambience. It’s more than I could ask for. But we aren’t going to let that make us complacent. We will keep working on it and adding new features to make it even better,” says Sherpa. These new features Sherpa mentioned include a waffle joint and similar food trucks or joints and he also let it slip that they are looking for ways to conduct yoga classes every morning within their premises. 

California Roll
Price: Rs 600
Rating: 

The chef calls this a healthy and filling meal. This California style sushi is from the Yakitory station. The ingredients in it include Japanese mayo, cucumber slices, crab meat among others, and a handful of flying fish eggs decorate its surface. This dish has a very subtle but fresh taste. It is pretty simple though some might find it a bit bland. But you just have to dip it in the sauce if you want a stronger taste. Although on the pricier side, the eight pieces of sushi leave you feeling quite full.

Chicken Tacos
Price: Rs 200
Rating: 

This particular item is from the Tacos and Tapas station and is a must try. In a small tortilla, there’s minced meat, a variety of Mexican spices and two different types of sauces. The result is a flavorsome dish that’s just too good to resist. The portion is pretty small but it’s quite reasonably priced. A word of caution, mind the sauce while you are eating it. It’s very easy to get it all over your hands and clothes.

Chicken Momo
Price: Rs 200
Rating: 

A pretty classic chicken momo is served at the Dumplings truck. It tastes just like how you would want your momos to taste. It’s not too oily and is cooked just right. The pickle served alongside it is also really good. Sherpa mentioned that the meat for the momos at Food Truck Park is minced by hand. Each momo is pretty big and a plateful of it is more than enough to make you feel full even when you are famished. 

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