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CK Lal

When dreamers die

July 17, 2017 01:30 AM

It seems when Mother Goddess is done with formation of the likes of Joshi, She destroys the mould for the fear that too many dreamers may stop the earth from turning on its axis.

The Oliogocal train

July 3, 2017 00:35 AM

Political economy of Oliology is oligopolistic, part of proto-fascist movement that combines xenophobia, chauvinism, communalism and ethno-nationalism

Post-reconciliation blues

June 19, 2017 00:35 AM

Bardia had highest number of enforced disappearances, most of them picked up by the security forces. Their whereabouts remain unknown

The conformist impulse

June 5, 2017 00:35 AM

Why is a section of Madhesi bourgeoisie eager to play on a tilted ground with unreliable rules, partisan linesman, indifferent audience, and unfair umpires?

Over to OBOR

May 22, 2017 00:35 AM

The ‘One Belt, One Road’ is a multifaceted scheme to replace Washington Consensus with Beijing Consensus

Cradle of conspiracies

May 8, 2017 00:35 AM

Judicial activism in political affairs, unless there is a constitutional issue at stake, does little to add to the credibility of the courts

Geopolitical stranglehold

April 24, 2017 00:35 AM

The Madheshis have once again lost their battle of dignity on the geopolitical front. Unfortunately, they can’t even reach out to China

Expressions of subalternity

April 10, 2017 10:47 AM

BHAIRAHAWA. Like other conurbations of the country, settlements along the north-south road connecting the Indian plains with the East-West Highway of Nepal are emerging as centers of consumption rather than production. On a late-March evening, there was a seven-kilometer queue of loaded trucks waiting for their turn to be cleared through the Sunauli-Belahiya customs. Trucks exiting Nepal were invariably empty and moved fast in the opposite direction.

A jangled relationship

March 27, 2017 00:35 AM

The number one priority of the South Block in South Asia is Bhutan. Nepal has to compete with the Maldives for attention

In dark times

March 13, 2017 00:35 AM

The struggle between defenders of Khas-Arya dominance and hegemony and proponents of ethnic equality and Madheshi dignity are likely to be a protracted one

All our daughters

February 27, 2017 00:35 AM

Where are Nepali women in the metaphor of coffins, bakasko bimba, which pervades pathologies of remittance reporting?

The spirited generation

February 13, 2017 00:35 AM

Every change since 1950 has merely been repeated attempts at rekindling the spirit that was snuffed out in the winter of 1960 by a deceitful king

The examined life

January 30, 2017 00:35 AM

The bombast of newly-minted novelists and self-published poets notwithstanding, the literary scene in Nepal is grim

Rotary of revolutions

January 16, 2017 00:35 AM

Rudderless due to unawakened masses, Tarai-Madhesh remains almost leaderless even after a decade of the first major upheaval

Life of letters

January 2, 2017 00:35 AM

How would Buddha Sayami greet Dada when they met in whichever world people pass once life on this planet is over?

After Oliological rush

December 19, 2016 00:25 AM

From the debris of despair, let rays of openness, coexistence and cooperation emerge to light the path to a confident future

Life in borderlands

December 5, 2016 00:35 AM

Long accustomed to walking with bowed heads, Madheshis have begun to imitate Bihari swagger

Diffusion of demagoguery

November 21, 2016 03:30 AM

Nepal needs to be afraid, very-very afraid, of the dominant group with persecution complex, the Olians, striking back

Message from Madhesh

November 7, 2016 00:35 AM

A small section of Madheshis have always been in struggle with their government, but they lacked the internal organization and external linkages

Mandate of heathens

October 17, 2016 00:35 AM

Similar to the dominance of Chakari and Afno-manchhe beneficiaries of Khas-Arya elites in Nepal, the Siamese of Thailand dominate the State