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Sounds of 2016

December 30, 2016 00:15 AM

Each year brings with it hundreds of new releases on the music scene but there are only a handful that go on to define the year. The curtains are almost closed on 2016 and what a tremendous and unexpected year it has been musically.

Planning a party

December 29, 2016 23:41 PM

It’s important that you be a guest at your own party. If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, your guests will follow suit.

Fitness experts share their fitness resolutions

December 29, 2016 23:36 PM

Making a resolution and promising oneself to improve some aspect of you from the first day of the year is a New Years tradition like no other. One of the highest made resolutions come every New Years is to start paying attention to your fitness and diet.

New year, new hopes

December 29, 2016 23:32 PM

It’s inevitable that at the end of each year we look back at the months that have passed and look forward to what the New Year shall bring. It’s only natural to cherish hopes and form resolutions. We may already have some plans set for ourselves, but as Nepalis what hopes do we have for the country in 2017? The Week had some people share their thoughts.

A man’s world

December 29, 2016 23:29 PM

There was a time when a man who spent too long in the bathroom was met with a level of scorn and suspicion often reserved for politicians. Times have changed but even now it’s easy to feel bemused by the overwhelming amount of advice, opinion and small pots filled with expensive goop in the market. Presenting some concerns men have about their appearance and how they take care of them. It’s time to steal their secrets and reap the benefits.

Eat right

December 29, 2016 23:27 PM

“We have grown up with a certain lifestyle and developed a certain palate so it is important to incorporate all these factor while recommending a change in food habits.’’

Discovering the joys of skiing

December 23, 2016 01:37 AM

Majority of Nepalis participating in his skiing lessons are still mountaineering and trekking guides. The word still hasn’t spread to the masses yet. Even though we have youngsters expressing their interest in workshops, later on we hear their families didn’t give them permission because of safety reasons.

Breaking conventions with Mannsi Agrawal

December 23, 2016 00:28 AM

You can hear her smile when she answers the phone. What you can also hear is her son, somewhere in the background, demanding she stop talking on the phone and pay attention to him. At 31, Mannsi is expert at juggling work and her responsibilities of being a mother. And work isn’t just one thing.

Breaking a habit

December 22, 2016 23:59 PM

Addictions usually start when a person feels lonely or has conditioned himself to think that for him to be able to achieve some task, they need something.

Winter care

December 22, 2016 23:09 PM

Leaving your makeup overnight can dry out your skin and leave your skin looking dull.

Digital learning

December 22, 2016 23:07 PM

You don’t always have to take classes and attend lectures to learn something new. You can now do that sitting comfortably in your bed. And there are a few courses you can take undertake that can help you advance your knowledge as well as your career. These are websites that offer a wide variety of courses over a period of time that are taught by professionals. Some of these courses even certify you by verifying you through the webcam when you take the lessons in order for you to have proof that you have taken these classes. You can use these certificates to for job applications and even for university credits.

Six ways to protect yourself

December 22, 2016 23:04 PM

Most of us are unaware of the most basic and effective techniques to defend ourselves if we find ourselves caught in a situation that demands it. Reya Shreya Rai talked to self-defense expert Rajina Shrestha to learn some very important defense techniques suitable for all, keeping in mind the average Nepali female physique.

In the name of Christmas

December 22, 2016 22:47 PM

In the recent years, the holiday spirit that comes along with the month of December seems to be taking over the people of Kathmandu. It’s not only the Christians of Kathmandu who celebrate Christmas anymore. Isha Upadhyay set out to find why people celebrate Christmas with such zeal in the valley. Bisam Vaidya

Emotional rollercoaster

December 22, 2016 22:42 PM

The beautiful thing about literature is that it captures all variations of emotions. We like stories because they connect us with characters and circumstances we can only dream of. But sometimes it goes beyond our imagination and makes the impact significantly deeper – some books linger long after we have turned the last page. The Week asked some readers about that book that stirred their emotions. From tear-jerkers to psychedelic wonders, here are their answers.

Basic awareness

December 16, 2016 04:45 AM

Dr Pankaj Jalan is an American Board Certified Neurologist and the director of medical services at Norvic International Hospital. Dealing with diseases of the brain, spine, muscles, and nerves, Dr Jalan has seen all kinds of disorders and he spoke to The Week about some basic health issues that we should all be aware of.

Picture perfect

December 16, 2016 03:55 AM

All of us would love clear, flawless skin. But given the pollution and hormones, not many of us get our wish. Acne, pimple scars, dark circles, and eye bags – the stuff nightmares are made of – is indeed a reality for many of us. But makeup can do wonders here. What you can’t have, you can create and what you don’t want to be seen with, you can hide. The Week sought beautician Shreya Shrestha’s help for some step-by-step tutorials for basic highlighting and concealing tricks that we can use in our day-to-day life.

Delightful dining

December 16, 2016 03:53 AM

Wicked Spoon, Fork and Rock is located in Jhamsikhel, nestled between Roadhouse Café and Fusion Bar. It’s a cozy place with good interiors that serve generous portions of food without making you empty out your wallet. The Week’s Isha Upadhyay wanted to see how the food and service were in general and tested it out by going in for a sneak review a few days before the scheduled review date. The food and service both the times were the same.

Zumba toning strength and sweat session

December 16, 2016 03:48 AM

Zumba has earned quite the popularity for being the workout class that functions more like a dance party. What’s more, the results of zumba workout don’t disappoint. So it’s no wonder that zumba centers are mushrooming all over Nepal, especially Kathmandu. Now to add to its craze, there is a new offshoot to the original form of exercise.

The innovative frontier

December 16, 2016 02:34 AM

The collaboration among art, science, and technology can create wonders and breed innovations that change our lives for the better. In order to celebrate this collaboration, the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) organizes Yantra annually. This event provides a platform for young enthusiasts and engineers to showcase their creative and genius inventions. The Week caught up with some of the winners of this year’s Yantra 5.0 to talk about their competing experience as well as to reflect on the present prospects of the tech field in our country.

Books for the beloved

December 15, 2016 23:18 PM

Don’t know what to get your significant other this Christmas or New Year? Get them a book. You can never go wrong with that. But people have varied interests and tastes and the kind of writing that appeals to one might not to another. So, The Week has readied a list of books keeping just that in mind.