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Bishnu Prasad Aryal

Rs 1.1 trillion centralized school program at odds with federalism

August 10, 2017 03:19 AM

KATHMANDU, August 10: At a time when the donor-influenced school sector reform program (SSRP) has bitten the dust, the government has extended its Rs 1.1 trillion School Sector Development Program (SSDP) for another seven years. SSDP is being vehemently criticized as a centrally imposed program against the spirit of federalism.

Sajha chief incoherent under questioning by MPs

August 5, 2017 08:55 AM

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: Dolindra Prasad Sharma, chairperson and general manager of  Sajha Prakashan, was incoherent when grilled by lawmakers over irregularities at the  state-owned publishing house during discussions at the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Friday.

Wife of probe panelist lands job at Sajha

August 3, 2017 03:45 AM

KATHMANDU, August 2: In what may be considered conflict of interest, Dolindra Prasad Sharma, the chairman and general manager of Sajha Prakashan is learnt to have given a job to the wife of a member of a panel formed to probe irregularities at the publishing house.

Amid controversy, Sajha board members to visit Japan Aug 9-16

August 1, 2017 07:49 AM

KATHMANDU, July 31: At a time when the Ministry of Education (MoE) has formed a panel to probe into the alleged irregularities at Sajha Prakashan, a seven-member team including three board members of the state-owned publishing house is visiting Japan from August 9 to 16 under the sponsorship of Sajha Prakashan.

+2 schools bar students from taking subjects of their interest

July 17, 2017 05:00 AM

KATHMANDU, July 16: Almost all schools operating Grades 11 and 12 have forced their students to choose subjects against their interest at a time when the classes of Grade 11 are scheduled to begin this week.

Postgraduates in medicine approach power centers to get license after failing NMC test

July 15, 2017 03:34 AM

KATHMANDU, July 14: Dozens of post-graduate (PG) degree holders in medicine have been accused of visiting power centers including influential political leaders, former ministers and their aides to get license from Nepal Medical Council (NMC) after they failed the tests taken by the NMC.

Same medical equipment but price gap of Rs 50m for 2 hospitals

July 13, 2017 02:15 AM

KATHMANDU, July 12:  Medical equipment supply to hospitals by some contractors shows  how irregularities are perpetrated by  government officials and the contractors.

Bir to buy high-end radiotherapy machine for US$4.1m

July 4, 2017 06:00 AM

KATHMANDU, July 4: Bir Hospital, the oldest and biggest government hospital in the country, is again planning to buy a radiotherapy machine at a cost of US$ 4.1 million, an amount that is enough to  purchase three such machines.

What next after SEE

June 23, 2017 09:40 AM

KATHMANDU, June 22: Education is supposed to make you an expert, specialist, scientist, doctor, manager, administrator or teacher among others. However, the society and family expect their wards to be a successful person by earning enough money upon completion of their degree.

Is it ethical for teachers to take to politics?

June 21, 2017 05:00 AM

KATHMANDU, June 21: As many as 1,000 teachers across the country resigned from their posts to contest the local body elections, indicating how far school teachers are active in politics.

Are blood transfusions to patients in Nepal safe?

June 14, 2017 05:15 AM

KATHMANDU, June 13: Blood transfusion to patients in Nepal takes place without the blood being irradiated [exposed to radiation],  although this is against WHO rules.  According to  officials at the Ministry of Health,  blood meant for transfusion must be irradiated as per  international practice. The blood is sterilized through irradiation to make it safe from disease.

No high-quality lab to test drugs for market

June 8, 2017 05:00 AM

KATHMANDU, June 8: The government has shown gross negligence over the  quality of medicines the public uses. Hundreds of medicines are available in the market, but the government has yet to set up a laboratory to test the quality of the medicines.

Nepal's sole bone marrow transplant doctor

June 7, 2017 01:30 AM

KATHMANDU, June 7: A total of 18 bone marrow transplants have been successfully carried out in Nepal by a single doctor in Kathmandu since 2012.

Grade XI exams to begin from June 15

May 31, 2017 15:41 PM

KATHMANDU, May 30: Following the government decision to hold second phase of local polls on June 28, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has rescheduled the exams of Grade XI, which was frequently postponed. The exams of Grade XI will be held from June 15 to 24 this year.

New budget hands over of secondary education responsibility to local govts

May 30, 2017 01:10 AM

KATHMANDU, May 30: The fiscal budget presented on Monday by Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara has provisioned to hand over the responsibility of secondary level education to the local governments. However, the stakeholders have doubted the effective implementation of the decision.

State-owned campuses fail to deliver quality education

May 25, 2017 00:10 AM

KATHMANDU, May 25: Inside a big hall of Tri-Chandra Campus at the heart of the capital city, teachers and students were recently communicating but they could not hear each other's words.

Govt to buy drugs for its hospitals in bid to slash prices

May 20, 2017 00:00 AM

KATHMANDU, May 20: In a bid to provide medicines  to the general public at cheaper rates, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is planning to itself  procure and supply  medicines  for  government hospitals and health institutions across the country.

First time voters prefer good candidates over party links

May 15, 2017 00:30 AM

KATHMANDU, May 15: Many first-time voters, who constitute nearly 50 percent of the total eligible voter population in the country, were not for  voting on the basis of political party affiliation in the local polls held Sunday.

Can school teachers get involved in politics?

May 11, 2017 01:50 AM

KATHMANDU, May 11: At a time when school teachers' active participation in politics is being criticized, the teachers affiliated to various political parties have claimed that it is their political right.

4.4 million school textbooks yet to be printed

May 11, 2017 00:20 AM

KATHMANDU, May 11: Though the new academic session began on April 14, around 4.4 million school textbooks are yet to be printed.