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Arun Poudel

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Learning to die, learning to live

November 28, 2017 09:22 AM

Death is the biggest unknown. That's why it is man's biggest fear.  It is the ultimate truth and there is no running away from it. Countless people have tried to do that in the human history, but everybody has failed.

Imparting life lessons

November 17, 2017 08:50 AM

If you think spirituality and education are two disconnected concepts that don’t go hand in hand, a short trip to Chobhar, about 10 kilometers south of Kathmandu, can prove you wrong. At Tsoknyi Gechak School you will be able see how spirituality and education actually reinforce each other.

Mainstreaming Gumba Schools

November 11, 2017 10:18 AM

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: Buddha’s most basic teaching comprises four noble truths: there is suffering in life, there are causes to the sufferings, there is cessation to sufferings, and there is a way that leads to the cessation of sufferings.