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Nepal hosted the 18th SAARC Summit for the first time in 12 years, and Kathmandu underwent massive preparations for the rotational event.

Republica asked a few luminaries as to how they felt about it, and here is what they had to say:
Looking Back At Folk Music Legacies
KATHMANDU, Nov 28:Celebrating folk music, the International Folk Music Film Festival is set to start on November 28, Friday. The three-day festival, with the theme of ‘Music for life, music for survival’, will begin everyday from 10 AM at Sarwanam Theater in Kalikasthan.

Apart from Nepal, 19 countries like Ghana, Italy, Finland, Mali and Argentina are participating in the festival. A total of 45 films are being screened at the Festival, out of which six best films will be presented with awards. Some of the films that are being screened are ‘Hoots on the Streets’, ‘Polyphonia’ and ‘Tamasha’.
Festive Winter Bazaar This Weekend
KATHMANDU, Nov 28: If you’re looking to make your Saturday fun, visit Baber Mahal Revisited to check out the Festive Winter Bazaar this November 29. You can go in from 11 AM and enjoy Nepali music as you look through the offerings in the bazaar.

Being organized by ChangeFusion Nepal in association with Bihani Social Venture, the bazaar aims to support local social enterprises, such as traditional arts, herbal and quality recycled products, and handicraft items.
5 Things About Laure
KATHMANDU, Nov 25: We know him as Laure. Aasis Rana, 25, created quite a stir among the youth when he participated in Raw Barz in 2013. The videos of the rap battles became instantly popular, making him famous.

The Pokhara native has a number of songs, out of which ‘Mero Solta’ has become very popular. The rap artist went on to act in Murray Kerr’s ‘Tandav’ with Anup Baral and Namrata Shrestha.
Jessabelle : A Gothic Ridiculousness
Pragyan Thapa
KATHMANDU, Nov 25: It’s that strange sense of expectancy that builds early on while watching a horror film at the theaters. It leads from the point before the movie begins, just when the commercials die down. A viewer turns into an active participator in those moments, alert with a defensive attention, determined not to be caught off guard when the chills kick in. Usually the routine is not to lowball anything too soon, because even the most ineffective of horror flicks pack one or two ingeniously scary moments. But Jessabelle is a complete wash-out.

Jessabelle, dubbed as a southern gothic tale, entices you early on. The central character Jessie, played by Sarah Snook, is hauled recklessly out of her treasured life within the first five minutes of the movie: A pregnant Jessie is packing her stuff in her boyfriend’s car, psyched to move in with him. They both seem this would be the perfect start to welcome their baby but a tragic car collision reels Jessie back to zero – she loses both her boyfriend and her unborn baby and the accident restricts her to a wheel-chair. Having no other alternative, she finally locates her estranged father (David Andrews). Her father comes to pick her up and Jessie moves back to her parental home, which in turn becomes the sole conspirator in mentally and physically breaking down what’s left of Jessie.
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