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Death toll caused by Sunkoshi blockage reaches six; Barabishe at risk of inundation
Dispute lingers despite SC order
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IBN board to discuss Upper Karnali PDA template today
Call for more effective market monitoring
Biz community expecting a lot from Modi visit
Rupee weakens, gold price stable
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  6 Dead Following Earthquake In Algeria
    ALGIERS, Algeria,August 1 :  Algerian officials say six people are dead and 420 injured following an earthquake that shook Algiers Friday morning.

Algeria´s health ministry says four of the victims died after jumping from windows in panic. Authorities say two more people died of heart attacks during the quake, which measured 5.6 on the Richter scale.

  City Streets Destroyed In Taiwan Blasts (with Photos)
       Associated Press  
    Taiwan, Aug 1:City streets destroyed, transformed into trenches strewn with dirt, ripped pieces of pipe and jagged blocks of concrete. Broken fire trucks turned upside down, twisted soot-covered cars and motorcycles, ripped advertising signs.

The site of underground gas explosions in Taiwan´s second-largest city is a scene of destruction. The blasts hit a densely populated district where petrochemical companies operate pipelines in the city of Kaohsiung. Firefighters who went to investigate the early reports of a gas leak were among the dead and injured.

  Uganda Court Invalidates Anti-gay Law
       Associated Press  
    KAMPALA, Uganda, Aug 1: — A Ugandan court has invalidated an anti-gay bill signed into law earlier this year, saying it was illegally passed and is therefore unconstitutional.

The panel of five judges on the East African country´s Constitutional Court said the speaker of parliament acted illegally when she went ahead to allow a vote on the measure despite at least three objections over lack of quorum.

  Gas Blasts Kill 24, Injure 271 In Taiwanese Port
    KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, Aug 1: At least 24 people were killed and 271 injured when several underground gas explosions ripped through Taiwan´s second-largest city, hurling concrete and cars through the air and blasting trenches in the streets, authorities said Friday, as a search for the cause began.

The series of explosions about midnight Thursday and early Friday struck a densely populated district where several petrochemical companies operate pipelines alongside the sewer system in Kaohsiung, a southwestern port with 2.8 million people.

  US, UN Announce Deal On 72-hour Gaza Cease-fire
    JERUSALEM, Aug 1: Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire to begin Friday morning, the United Nations and United States announced, although Secretary of State John Kerry cautioned there were "no guarantees" the lull in violence would bring an end to the 24-day-old Gaza war.

The surprise announcement came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to destroy Hamas´ tunnel network "with or without a cease-fire" and as the Palestinian death toll soared past 1,400.

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