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  What's A Group Selfie? Usie (pronounced Uss-ee)
    NEW YORK, July 31: What do you call a group selfie? An usie, of course!

As in "us." Pronounced uss-ee, rhymes with fussy.

  Poemandu Holds Its 17th Edition
    KATHMANDU, July 30: For the month of July, Poemandu brought together 12 poets who recited their poems in different languages. Organized by Embassy of India and B P Koirala India-Nepal Foundation, the 17th edition of Poemandu was held at Nepal Bharat Library in New Road.

Poets Dilli Raj Aryal, Rama Adhikary, Manisha Sinha, Komal Sapkota, Betty Bajracharya, Khagindra Khusi, Ram Prasad Rimal, Purusottam Dhungel, Ram Bahadur Bogati, Sonika Kapoor, Rashmi Rimal and Urmila Pant Pandey recited their poems in Hindi, Nepali and English.

  A Story Of Truth And Honesty
    KATHMANDU, July 29 : This is the story of an honest thief. A thief who says he steals because that’s his job. But he is a thief with a heart of gold. He steals from the rich ones and gives it to the poor and needy people. He is very soft-hearted as well; he can’t see tears in the eyes of any woman.

One fine day, he meets a saint on his way, gets so impressed by him that he promises the saint that he will never speak a single lie. A thief who always speaks the truth, quite contrary, no? But he lives up to the promise till the very last.

  Things About Keki Adhikari
    KATHMANDU, July 29 : Actress Keki Adhikari is known for her innocent looks and fine acting skills. She is one of the few new-age actresses who have been constantly busy with films, music videos and advertisements. Keki has showed her acting talents in films like ‘Swor,’ ‘Masaan,’ ‘Mahasus’ and ‘Biteka Pal,’ and has earned a number of fans

Keki here unveils five things about her which most people don’t know yet: watches. “Even the least emotional scene touches my heart. I cry a lot while watching movies,” she shares.

  The North Meets South At Kakori
    KATHMANDU, July 29: If you haven’t visited Kakori Restaurant at Soaltee Crowne Plaza recently, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. As it has been hosting ‘Uttar Dakshin Food Festival’ from July 18 onward, you can now experience the authentic taste of North and South Indian food at the restaurant. Chef Satish Chandran has especially flown all the way from Kochi to present his authentic South Indian signature specialties at Kakori.

The Thali set from North India comes with choices of many items served first with Khumb Nimbu Ka Ras, a light mushroom soup flavored with lemon. Inside the Thali, you can choose between Murgh Malai (succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated with Indian herbs) or Bharwan Paneer Ki Shule (tender pieces of stuffed cottage cheese marinated with Indian spices); and also between Dum Ka Murgh (tender pieces of chicken cooked in rich cashew and roasted onion gravy) or Tali Bengali Maccher (mustard and garlic marinated fried fish with Bengali tomato chutney). There are also a range of healthy and palatable dishes like Paneer Kurchan, Lucknowe Pulao and Aloo Methi Pudhina Wala.

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