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Empty Words
Cricket-loving Nepalis are struggling to quantify the success of their team at the just-concluded ICC World Cricket League Division Three tournament. The team lifted the Division Three trophy on Thursday, defeating Uganda by 62 runs in the final match in Kuala Lumpur. There was a sense of déjà vu: Nepal has retained the title it won in 2013. The 2013 win could have been a stepping stone to the 2015 ODI World Cup. It wasn’t meant to be. Nepal was relegated back into Division Three after disappointing World Cup qualifiers in January. But the success in Malaysia has once again stirred hopes in this cricket-crazy nation that the team will finally be able to fulfill its dream of ODI (or even Test) status.

The first hurdle for Nepal will be the ICC World Cricket Division Two to be held in Namibia next January. If they finish in top two, they will be eligible to play the ICC Intercontinental Cup, where they will compete against other Associate ICC members in four-day games. Playing the longer format against quality teams will be vital to honing the batting and bowling skills of Nepali cricketers. In the Division Two tournament next January, Nepal will be playing Kenya, Namibia, the Netherlands, Canada and Uganda.
Not Easy
Neelam Adhikari
Going abroad to work and live has become the dream of young Nepalis. And permanent residency in Europe and America has become a craze. But up close, life abroad is not rosy.

Poverty and lack of good jobs at home and better opportunities in other countries have caused huge exodus of young Nepalis. Now it has become sort of stigma not to have anyone from the family working and living abroad. Nepal has six million families, and three million of its people live and work in foreign countries: One person in every two families. Nepal has really become a country of children and the old.
Celebrating Chhath
Nityananda Mandal
Mithila region is rich in culture and Maithili culture stands distinctly apart among world cultures. Maithili life, throughout the year, pulsates with vibrations of various festivals demanding advance preparations. Among the biggest festivals in Mithila is Chhath. Whenever we talk about Maithili culture, Janakpurdham, the ancient capital town of the then Mithila state immediately comes to our mind. Locals of Janakpur celebrate Chhath with more gusto.

The most recent celebration of Chhath in Janakpur was mesmerizing. It seemed as if a piece of heaven had comce down to Janakpur. The sacred ponds and rivers like Ganga Sagar, Dhanush Sagar, Aragaja Sagar, Dasharath Talaaw, Biharkunda, Agnikunda, Dudhmati and Jalad River were decorated like new brides.
Letter To Tim Cook
Mukesh Chandra Baral
Dear Mr Cook
All The Fuss
The Chure mountain range that spans 36 districts from Ilam in the east to Kanchanpur in the west is Nepal’s most ecologically diverse region. It is also the most vulnerable. The tectonically susceptible mountain range is fragile, its new rock formations susceptible to crumbling.

This increases the risk of water-induced disasters like flooding and drought in the plains downstream. Chure’s biologically diverse forests are also under threat, disappearing at the rate of 1.7 percent per year. Perverted incentives are at play behind this disappearing act. Timber worth billions of rupees (no one knows the exact figure) is smuggled, it is estimated, to India from the Chure region every year.
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