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'Dead' Hearts Transplanted Into Living Patients In World First
  • Breakthrough by Australian surgeons at St Vincent’s hospital could save the lives of 30% more heart transplant patients

SYDNEY, Oct 25:
Australian surgeons have successfully transplanted “dead” hearts into patients for the first time – a groundbreaking procedure with the potential to significantly boost the supply of donor organs.

The number of donor hearts has been limited in the past by the fact that they have had to be taken from brain-dead patients while the organ is still beating. But a team at St Vincent’s hospital heart lung transplant unit in Sydney announced on Friday that they had performed three transplants with donor hearts that had stopped beating for 20 minutes. Two of the patients who received the transplant have recovered well, while the third, who only undertook the procedure recently, remains in intensive care.
16 Killed In China Coal Mine Collapse
BEIJING, Oct 25: China´s official news agency says 16 coal miners were killed after their shaft collapsed in the country´s northwest.

Another 11 miners were injured in the disaster that struck just before midnight Friday in Tiechanggou township outside the Xinjiang regional capital of Urumqi.
Police: 2 Dead, Including Gunman, In US School Attack
MARYSVILLE, Washington, Oct 25: A  student walked into his Seattle-area high school cafeteria on Friday and opened fire without shouting or arguing, killing one person and shooting several others in the head before turning the gun on himself, officials and witnesses said.

Students said the gunman, identified as student Jaylen Fryberg, was staring at students as he shot them inside the cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. As other students heard the gunshots, they ran out of the cafeteria and building in a chaotic dash to safety while others were told to stay put inside classrooms.
Putin Accuses US Of Undermining Global Stability
Associated Press
MOSCOW, Oct 24:The United States is destabilizing the global world order by trying to enforce its will, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Friday, warning that the world will face new wars if Washington fails to respect the interests of other countries.

In a speech to political experts in Russia´s Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin pointed to wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria as examples of botched U.S. policies that have led to chaos.
Canada Gunman Wanted A Passport To Go To Mideast
Associated Press
OTTAWA, ONTARIO, Oct 24: He seemed lost, "did not fit in," had drug problems, and went more than five years without seeing his mother. In recent weeks, he had been living at a homeless shelter and had talked about wanting to go to Libya — or Syria — but became agitated when he couldn´t get a passport.
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