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Fatal crush
Better without
Hawkers urged to respect pedestrians´ right to walk freely
Experts advise Chitwan farmers against using pesticides
Major parties agree to all-party meet, differ on modality and ToR
NOC, auto dealers top importers through Birgunj Customs
Majhi locals join hands to construct school building
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Kidnapping that never happened

KATHMANDU, Sept 2:A few hours they were able to release a man was freed from his kidnappers, the Metropolitan Police Circle Office Lainchaur received another complaint at around 8 pm Monday evening about the abduction of a toddler from Kuslechaur-17 of Kathmandu.

Following a complaint from a mother of the missing child, the Lainchaur police immediately circulated a special alert to all of its circle offices in the valley with the details such as facial description of the two-and-a-half-year old baby girl, Smiriti Tamang. [More]

  The Uninvited  
In the feeble moonlight I see that the red of the dreams is now on my fingers.

Fifteen years of the same thing happening month after month. I should be better prepared for it by now, and yet it delights in surprising me whenever it can. Possibly every month, if it had its way. The thing that is called a ‘period,’ and it tries hard to insert a comma into life.

Imagine this. The whole day I have been irritable and tetchy. I want to eat three croissants and a packetful of mushy titaura and then a jumbo pack of chips. My stomach is about to burst, and I still feel hungry. I have gotten into an argument with my best friend and snapped twice at a colleague about inconsequential matters. I feel sad and nervous and edgy, like something bad is about to happen. Finally, I give up trying to work or think or even read and crawl underneath my blankets. A beautiful dream awaits me, of lush green pasturelands and bright blue skies. There is even a rivulet with an arched bridge – how romantic! And suddenly, the rivulet turns red. It flows not in my dream but between my legs. My eyelids turn into lead. They refuse to look, the logic is that the river will dry up if I just turn over and go back to sleep.

Major parties agree to all-party meet, differ on modality and ToR
Decide to hold talks with CPN-Maoist again on Thursday

KATHMANDU, Sept 2 : The three three major political parties - Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN (Maoist) - and the agitating Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist have agreed in principle to hold an all-party political conference to settle various contentious issues of the new statute although they are yet to agree on the modality and terms of reference (ToR) of such a forum.

During a four-party meeting held at the official residence of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at Baluwatar Tuesday afternoon, the political parties agreed to meet again Thursday to settle their differences over the modality and ToR of the political conference, as demanded by the CPN-Maoist, which boycotted the Constituent Assembly (CA) election held late last year.   [More]
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  • PM to leave on Sept 19 to attend 69th UNGA

  • NOC, auto dealers top importers through Birgunj Customs
  • Team heading to New Delhi today to hold PTA talks
  • LPG bottlers press govt to raise supply quota

  • Hawkers urged to respect pedestrians´ right to walk freely
  • Experts advise Chitwan farmers against using pesticides
  • Majhi locals join hands to construct school building

  • Hits FM Music Awards to be held next week
  • "I'be working for films forever"
  • Short film 'Janani' premiered, music album 'Aama Nepal' launched

  • Corporate Super Sixes cricket from Sept 26
  • local sports
  • Dassanayake joins in national team's training

  • Doctors group: World 'losing' Ebola fight
  • 3 Chinese inmates kill guard, break out of jail
  • Officials say Yemeni president dismisses Cabinet

  • Engineering scholarships for Nepali students
  • Highly preferred in job market-BIM
  • Make use of those scraps in your house Start recycling and up-cycling


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