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Not Ready
This month around 300 Nepali peacekeepers in Liberia, one of the four West African Ebola hotspots, will return home. But Nepal is not prepared for their return. “When the first case crops up it would likely be at a public hospital in some mid-size or large city, where there may be serious questions about whether the institution had… sufficient training to manage someone
Politics And Development
Sukhdev Shah
Democracy is good for development, except that this generalization isn’t necessarily true. That at least is the impression one gets by looking at ground realties in Nepal which is experiencing democracy at its worst, especially when this concerns improvement of public infrastructure.

Botched development efforts have become common in Nepal. This in turn obstructs implementation of well-planned and much-needed public sector projects, in the process stalling development initiatives and increasing project costs many times over.
Mixed Bag
Birendra P Mishra
Modi in Nepal

Indian PM Narendra Modi, who visited Nepal hardly for 30 hours in early August, seems enchanted by the Nepali peace process. He seems to be its self-appointed brand ambassador.

However, the speech he delivered in the Nepali Parliament on August 3 was a mixed bag: it simultaneously enchanted and disappointed Nepalis. The prompt signing of the proposed Power Trade Agreement (PTA) on September 4 in New Delhi raises hopes. Similarly, the Project Development Treaty (PDA) on Upper Karnali too is in the pipeline. This has broken ice on the development of 5,600-MW Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project which had been shelved for a long time. The Pancheshwar Authority has been formed and started functioning after a Nepali official was appointed as its Chief Executive Officer and a firm hired for preliminary study on the project.
Mind It
Shristi Kafle
Mental health

When the whole world was celebrating World Mental Health Day on October 10 with the theme, “Living with Schizophrenia”, there was no formal celebration of the day in Nepal.

Upon inquiry, I found just one or two programs held by international organizations. This lack of celebration made me curious about the mental health status in Nepal. It was depressing to know that around 20-30 percent of Nepal’s population suffers from some sort of mental illness. It’s more unfortunate to know that maximum number of these people even don’t know about their own mental state or illness.
Time To Heal
Transitional justice

The government has again made a commitment in the Krishna Prasad Adhikari ‘murder’ case that it cannot honor. After the health of Ganga Maya Adhikari—who had been on a fast-unto-death along with her (now deceased) husband Nanda Prasad for nearly a year—started deteriorating, the government on Saturday made a five-point commitment to get her to end her fast. Some concessions like life-long health coverage for Ganga Maya and special relief package for the Adhikari family are commendable, in that they will help cushion the loss of two of the family’s breadwinners. But its commitment to ‘book the culprits’ involved in the killing of Krishna Prasad, the 18-year-old son of the Adhikari couple allegedly killed by the Maoists in 2004, is a bit dodgy. As we have maintained in this space before, it would be very risky to investigate wartime cases piecemeal. If not, many top Maoist leaders are likely to be in the dock; and so will successive government representatives and security forces who acted with brute force against the Maoists. If this happens, the whole peace process would be in jeopardy. We urge all the stakeholders in the peace process to desist from taking this slippery slope.
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