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We Can Form HLPC And Let Prachanda Lead It
'Foreign Aid Should Focus On Long-term Planning And Development'
Stefan Dercon is the chief economist with the Department for International Development (DFID) of UK government. He recently visited Nepal and interacted with political leaders, policy makers and economists on development issues.

During his visit to Nepal, Pushpa Raj Acharya of Republica caught up with Dercon to talk about current economic and development issues.
CPN-Maoist Wants All-powerful Political Conference
Weekly interview with Bhim Rawal

CPN-UML Vice-chairman Bhim Rawal likes to shoot from the hip. Be it on the issue of state-restructuring, or engaging political forces outside Constituent Assembly or promulgating the statute within the given timeframe, he has always had clear stands. Rawal, who is also a member of the cross-party task force formed to carry out negotiations with political forces outside the CA, shared his insights with Mahabir Paudyal.

To start with, the CA’s Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee missed its September 6 deadline. What happened?
Office Of The Auditor General Should Be Made Independent
Per-Kristian Foss is the Auditor General of Norway. He is responsible for auditing, monitoring and advising all state economic activities, including financial audits, performance audits and corporate control. Foss, a former politician and also the former finance minister, was elected to the post in January this year for a three-year term.

Sagar Ghimire
of Republica sat with him in his recent Nepal trip to talk about the roles of auditor general in making public and government institution transparent. Excerpts:
All-party Conference Is A Positive Start
Weekly interview with Mohan Baidya

At 67, Mohan Baidya is starting to look a little old. The crinkles around his eyes are deepening and his face wears a weathered look of someone who has seen everything in his life. But it only takes a slight provocation for the CPN-Maoist chairman to perk up. His guttural voice catches a new intensity as he launches into why Nepal’s sovereignty and independence are under threat. Biswas Baral and Ashok Dahal met him on the sidelines of ongoing discussions between his party and the three major political forces. They on Tuesday had agreed to an all-party political conference to settle contentious constitutional issues.

Can you elaborate on the all-party political conference?
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    NC Prez Koirala nominates 12 as CC members


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    Six-year-old frequently raped by grandfather


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