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SAARC Member States Needs To Adopt New Economic Paradigms Suited To Their Realities
Laurence Brahm, lawyer, political-economist and author of dozens of books, is the founder of the Himalayan Consensus and African Consensus movements. A vocal critic to the policies of World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the very notion of globalization, Brahm in his recent book -- FUSION ECONOMICS: How Pragmatism is Changing the World -- presents an alternative way to the economic practices.

Kosh Raj Koirala of Republica caught up with Brahm, who is in Kathmandu to participate in a program entitled Alternative Development Paradigm, to know his views on different economic issues. Excerpts:
Safety Comes First For Buddha Air
Real Challenge In Maintaining Quality In Nepal's Public Schools
Alice Albert is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Partnership for Education which has been working in Nepal since 2009 when development partners endorsed government’s School Sector Reform Plan. GPE offered grants of US $120 million for the period 2009-2014 for SSRP and has recently announced additional US $ 60 million to extend the plan up to 2016, at a time when SSRP has been criticized as failing project by educationists and critics at home.

Mahabir Paudyal and Nirjana Sharma caught up with her during her recent visit to Kathmandu.
Focus On Development Of Local Apps
Tired of getting requests to play Candy Crush Saga? Though many of us are irritated by these requests, many smartphone users in Nepal and across the globe have downloaded played this popular game. The app generates revenue of US$ 500,000 every day. Tommy Karl Palm, the man behind this popular gaming app and Games Guru of, is currently in Nepal to mentor and inspire 150 teams participating in Ncell App Camp.

Kriti Bhuju
of Republica talked to Palm to know the reasons behind the popularity of the app and the key factors that are to be considered while developing mobile apps. Excerpts:
SAARC Should Rise Above Meaningless Ritualism
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