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Unfriendly policies worsen teen's struggle with cerebral palsy
Chirayu Hospital warned to follow building code or face demolition
Govt to probe irregularities in free medicine program
Norbu wins Citizens Bank Cup golf
Achham, trachoma, epidemic
NC's 2nd phase of Mechi-Mahakali campaign from today
Four clubs to boycott ANFA program
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240 migrant workers die in less than 4 months

KATHMANDU, April 19 : Nearly 250 Nepali migrant workers have died overseas due to various reasons in less than first four months of this year.

The death toll of Nepali migrant workers has reached 240 from January to mid April of 2014. [More]

  Fiction Fixers Fables & Foibles  
  BY Peter J Karthak  
First Person, Present Continuous Tense

First, an advertisement for myself – and no apology to Norman Mailer for his essay collection, ‘Advertisements for Myself’ – for my own reasons.

The fact: I’ve finished writing a novel. For five years, I’ve been at its craft and creativity. But it began as a long-form short story of 11,000+ words. I wrote it and let it gestate in my folder. Then the grapevine of Ajit Baral and Shushma Joshi messaged that they were looking for short stories from Nepali writers writing in English (NWWIE) for an anthology commissioned by Rupa of India. ‘Do you have any?’ they asked. ‘I sure have,’ I said, and emailed my masterpiece to these consulting editors. ‘Oho, Peter Dai!’ Ajit wrote back: ‘It’s too long!’ ‘How short do you want?’ ‘Cut it in half.’ So I trimmed the original to some 5,500 words, and the bonsai version was published in “New Nepal: New Voices.” My short story is called ‘Dark Kathmandu Sideways.’

But the original remained in the womb of my laptop. Some four years ago, I fished it out to my open computer screen, read it a few times over many days, and then started enhancing it as a novella. It totaled 48,000 words. Then I lengthened it to a novel, and stopped counting seriously after keying in 79,000 words. It’s been a vertical task of building on the original skeletal foundation.

NC's 2nd phase of Mechi-Mahakali campaign from today
  • NSU marks 44th founding anniversary amid various programs
  • Local polls urgent need : Khanal

  • Restaurant uses aircraft body to attract customers
  • WB assures increased investment in Nepal
  • Industrial Expo sees huge footfall

  • Unfriendly policies worsen teen's struggle with cerebral palsy
    KATHMANDU, April 19 Endowed with an uncanny sharpness of intellect but lacking the ability to articulate his ideas, Rishav Poudel tried his luck in this year´s School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination to the astonishment of experts who believed that people like him with moderate cerebral palsy could hardly be integrated into schools for normal students, forget about appearing for the board examination.

    The neurological disorder the 16-year-old from Shankhamul, Kathmandu suffers from restricts the movement of his muscles, causing difficulty in writing, speech or any other physical activity, says Suresh Kaphle, who has been supporting the teenager with counseling and physiotherapy for the last 15 years. Though struggling with the condition since childhood "he is mentally as alert as every other normal person," Kaphle adds.   [More]
  • Chirayu Hospital warned to follow building code or face demolition
  • Govt to probe irregularities in free medicine program

  • The Winter Soldier Take the Lead
    Film review

    KATHMANDU, April 18:
    The Marvel World never looked this good. From crisp VFX to a cohesively structured story, The Winter Soldier combines thematic brilliance with top quality visuals. The first Captain America movie may have introduced a template super-hero, but this installment puts Captain America into a proper resilience test. Here, we get a closer picture of both Steve Rogers and his responsibilities as the dedicated super-soldier Captain America – a patriotic figure always on duty.

    More than just saving the world from an evil master-mind of a villain, The Winter Soldier serves a politically contextual stand on present day issues like unethical use of surveillance technology and the much anticipated debate on government secrets and the people’s right to information. Above all the chaos, Captain America is a metaphor for the endangered humanistic virtues of honesty and brotherhood. A reason why Captain appears more approachable than rest of the Avengers is that he thinks with a naïve but a truly justifiable standpoint. He’s the old-school definition of an ideal gentleman.   [More]
  • Cine De Chef-Nepal's first luxury theater-opens
  • Durbar Marg Street Festival today

  • Norbu wins Citizens Bank Cup golf
  • Four clubs to boycott ANFA program
  • Kathmandu and Boys Sports relegated from C division

  • Bombs kill 4 in shopping street of Iraqi capital
  • Death toll in SKorea ferry sinking climbs to 32
  • Captain of sunken South Korean ferry arrested

  • The after-SLC days
  • KU and UNICEF collaborate for innovation
  • 3rd National Conference of Children's Clubs


    Int'l Dalit Conference concludes


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