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Another Chance
CPDCC time extension

The signs are not encouraging. The ruling Congress-UML coalition and the opposition Maoist-Madheshi block are still polls apart on all important political and constitutional issues. Nonetheless, the Constituent Assembly is right in giving the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) two more weeks to settle constitutional disputes. As per the new schedule, the CPDCC is tasked with resolving outstanding disputes by September 30 and finalize its report for the Constituent Assembly by October 7.

CPDCC missed its September 30 deadline owing to a collective failure of the political class. Most of the seven months since the election of Sushil Koirala government was marked by inaction. Thus any extension of CPDCC deadline would be hard to justify. Yet what is also true is that the new constitution will not gain popular legitimacy without broad consensus on core issues. It is for this reason we support the extension. Yet the chance of a major breakthrough in the near future is slim.
Tragedy Of Errors
Mukul Mishra
EU flight ban

More than nine months have passed since the European Union (EU), citing aviation safety concerns, imposed an operating ban on “all air carriers certified by the authorities with responsibility for regulatory oversight in Nepal...”, clearly implicating the Nepali airline regulator Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

Within weeks of the ban a Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Twin-otter crashed in Arghakhanchi en-route to Jumla, reinforcing EU concerns that something was wrong. Ironically, at the time, the legislative-parliament had not been constituted and a matter of national importance got relegated to the background. The erstwhile caretaker government was busy with other important business and an aviation blacklist was perhaps the least of its worries.
The Long Fight
Avima Upreti
Citizenship through mother

I am a woman and an equal citizen of this country. When I pay taxes I pay as equal as my male counterpart. When I have to work for my country I work as much as my male colleagues. But all the time I have to fight for my rights, ask for equality and beg for the recognition of my identity either with the government or within my own family or with in-laws or with the whole community. Women’s identity does not need to be defined through their relationships with men or through marital status, does it?

Since long, we the women have been asking and demanding for independent identity. We are pleading with the government and lawmakers to respect our independent identity regarding citizenship and allow us to transfer citizenship to our children regardless of the father’s identity. What is not acceptable in these benign demands? Can anyone prove that it is unfair or unrealistic to seek respect to our identity? This is actually our inherent right and this has been respected, protected and recognized in the major international human right instruments.
Realm Of Spirit
Netra Acharya
Country Roads
Public fund misuse
The brazen mismanagement of local level development funds is perhaps the most evident in haphazard road construction in Nepali hinterlands. The case of Dailekh district is instructive. In the fiscal year 2009/10, the then Local Development Minister Ganesh Bahadur Khadka approved an outlay of 7.6 million rupees for various road projects in Dailekh, his native district, through the bizarre vehicle of ‘special budget.’ This pork had the desired effect. The locals were jubilant as bulldozers and excavators appeared on the scene overnight, opening up new passages to their homes. But there was a catch. The outlay was made at the end of the fiscal year and had to be spent in haste. As a result, four years on, the roads have been reduced to bumpy dirt tracks. Every monsoon, the locals have to live in perpetual fear of landslide from the loose earth. One such passage was the Seri-Patikalla road, a six-kilometer stretch that gobbled up 3.5 million rupees. The track is so dangerous these days that even humans fear to tread on it. Many locals now wish the track was never opened.
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