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Why Wait?
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
International women’s day
If we look at the headlines or the latest horrifying YouTube clips about violence against women, International Women’s Day may seem a bad time to celebrate equality for women.

But alongside the stories of extraordinary atrocity and everyday violence lies another reality, one where more girls are in school and more are earning qualifications than ever before; where maternal mortality is at an all-time low; where more women are in leadership positions, and where women are increasingly standing up, speaking out and demanding action.
Editorial: Turkish Holiday
Prolonged TIA shutdown
It’s been at least a decade since we first heard about a second international airport at Nijgadh in Bara district. The Bara airport, we were told, would ease the congestion at the over-burdened Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). It would be able to handle 15 million passengers a year and accommodate even the biggest of international airliners. An added advantage of the Nijgadh airport would be lack of fog in winter months, something which repeatedly hinders flights to and from TIA. Yet little seems to have been done to make the project happen.

The urgency of a second international air hub in Nepal was once again painfully brought home as TIA, the country’s only international airport, remained closed for international flights for the fifth consecutive day on Friday, following the Turkish Airlines accident last Wednesday. Up to 15,000 passengers have been affected as there has been no international traffic at TIA after the Turkish flight crash-landed on its only runaway. As there was no heavy equipment to lift out the plane with its nose burrowed into the tarmac, Nepali aviation authorities could do nothing but wait for help to arrive from the Indian Air Force.
Long Road
Kirsten Geelan, Kjell Tormod Pettersen, Asko Luukkainen
Recently, two teenage girls were attacked by a young man with acid while studying for exams at a tuition center in Basantapur, Kathmandu. The motives are still uncertain, but the use of violence to curtail the rights of women and girls is not uncommon. The horrific incident has led to mass protests from the civil society and got high media attention. Rightly so because we all need to be reminded of our duty to protect, promote and fulfil the rights of girls and women in Nepal. No easy task, but still doable.

March 8 is the International Women’s Day. We want to take the opportunity to reflect on how we can improve the lives of millions of girls and women in Nepal faced with unfair treatment and lack of opportunities because of their sex.
Infographics: Women & Poverty
Poverty is a women’s issue. Nearly six in ten poor adults are women, and nearly six in ten poor children live in families headed by women. Poverty rates are especially high for single mothers, women of color, and elderly women living alone.
Learning From Mistakes
Usha Pokharel
The other day I was reflecting on my teaching days at Patan Multiple Campus in the early 1980s.Teaching indeed was a lot of fun in those days, especially because I allowed students to look at their answer papers, if they wanted to. I believed in their right to know the reason behind their marks. Yes, no one was satisfied with the marks they received. I listened to them and then asked them to convince me why they deserved more.

Of course, there were discussions and eventually they understood they could have done better. Some were smarter. They asked for reasons for their marks. To me this was an indication that they were ready to learn from their mistakes. I believe we come to learn because we do not know and making a mistake is not a crime. It only proves you are trying. If you don’t try, you don’t make mistakes and you don’t learn from them. I handled mistakes in a positive and mature way. Those involved in teaching know that not all students are perfect and we spend a lot of our time correcting their mistakes.
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