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Nepal Republic Media hands over prizes worth over Rs 2m to cricketers
Fringe party lawmakers demand to halt CA committee heads' election
Activists: Syrian airstrikes in north kill 18
Minor charred to death, 30 houses gutted in Rautahat fire
French trekker found dead in Myagdi
New IT policy to be developed: Minister Rijal
Nomination of remaining 26 CA members soon: Nembang
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  Publisher's Note
       Binod Raj Gyawali  
    Nepal Republic Media has completed five years since its inception. We, on this occasion, thank all our valued readers, advertisers, distributors and all other well-wishers, who have extended tremendous support to this publications house in reaching this stage.

All the publications and products of Nepal Republic Media — Republica, Nagarik, Shukrabar, and — have set ensuring the citizens’ right to information and the interests of the general public as their top priority. It is our firm conviction that the more a media organization identifies with the people in their joys as well as their sorrows the more popular it can become. With an overwhelmingly increasing number of readers favoring our publications, we feel further inspired to cover more areas of interest and concern to the general public, and with additional vigor.

  Dream Unfulfilled
    Meet Jana Andolan’s goal

Seven years have passed since the sovereign people decided to take things in their hands and took to the street to overthrow the feudal monarchy and create a new Nepal with the federal republican system. Things have changed for sure and we are still working toward consolidating the changes brought about by millions of people. However, today, even after seven years of the Jana Andolan, people are yet to experience the drastic changes they had hoped. The people who had fought during the Jana Andolan had given the political parties and their leaders an all important responsibility of building a new Nepal with a guarantee of a new constitution that ensures the devolution of power to the grassroots and create an inclusive and just society in which people from all strata of society enjoy equality and freedom.

  Old Friends
       Dr Pushpa Adhikari  
    Nepal-France relation

Today Nepal and France celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two ancient and culturally rich countries. Nepal has seen a lot of ups and downs ever since the first Ambassador of France to Nepal Levi Daniel presented his credentials to the then Rana Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher on April 24, 1949.

It can be called a mere coincidence that Jung Bahadur Rana was the first Nepali Prime Minister to pay a visit to France and it was the last Prime Minister of Rana regime who had to welcome the first official Ambassador from France to Nepal; although Levi Daniel was resident ambassador to India.

  Hong Kong Death
       Tika Rana  

  Everest Tragedy
    Heal Sherpas’ wounds

Tragedy struck again on Everest. Climbing the world’s highest mountain is dangerous as many climbers have lost their lives. And the latest tragedy occurred on Friday when the deadly avalanche killed as many as 13 people and three went missing in the biggest ever disaster on the mountain. As all those dead were the Sherpa climbers, the pall of gloom has fallen over the community. Known world over for their climbing caliber, Sherpa is synonymous to Everest, the nation’s pride. Thus, it is not only Sherpas, but the whole country is saddened by the latest disaster.

It is but natural for the families of those who lost their dear ones to contemplate abandoning the climbing this season. It is up to the climbers and climbing guides to decide. Whether they decide to continue climbing or otherwise, the focus should now be on providing proper compensation to the bereaved families and ensuring further security to Sherpas. From Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, who together with Edmund Hillary reached atop the 8,848 meter high peak in 1953 for the first time, to Apa Sherpa who climbed Everest the maximum number of times, Sherpas have played a pivotal role in putting up Everest climbing in the global map as one of the most adventurous undertakings in the world. This has not only attracted hundreds of climbers every year but also helped in the revenue generation in the country’s tourism sector, one of the mainstays of country’s economy.

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    Publisher's Note
    Nepal Republic Media has completed five years since its inception. We, on this occasion, thank all our valued readers, a ...


    Dream unfulfilled
    Meet Jana Andolan’s goal

    Seven years have passed since the s ...


    Old friends
    Nepal-France relation

    Today Nepal and France celebrate the 65th an ...


    Hong Kong death
    A middle-aged man of Nepali origin died unexpectedly last October in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. He used to work at a construc ...


    Everest tragedy
    Heal Sherpas’ wounds

    Tragedy struck again on Everest. Climbi ...

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