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EU, US seek Putin Achilles' heel on Ukraine
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Campaign against drunk-driving affecting wine sales
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1950 revisited
Modi willing
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  Keeping Track Of The Latest News Around Us
    KATHMANDU, July 26: How often do you keep track of the news? Do you pore over the latest news every morning in the newspaper while you enjoy your cup of tea? Or do you read a few articles when you’re surfing the Internet?

When so much is happening around the world, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything. We wanted to know if our readers were conscientious about being updated on the latest news, and what methods they apply to do so.

  Hanging By A Thread
       Shipra Shrestha  
    Hanging by a thread, they call it life. As I battle through the news of the increasing death toll of civilians in Gaza and the atrocious bringing down of the Malaysian flight MH17 in Ukraine, I sit here with a frozen mind, attempting to break the ice over the fragility of our existence. One moment you are breathing, and the next, when you least expect it, you are not.

The cycle of life is definitely not something we have a command over. But what pains me is that the lives that were snatched away did not succumb to some dreadful, inevitable deed of fate but to their own fraternity—to the act of their own brothers.

  Are You On Time?
       Manisha Neupane  
    Youths talk about punctuality

KATHMANDU, July 25: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nepal is a country where very few people understand the true value of time. We hardly reach anywhere on time, and we have ample excuses to our rescue—‘I couldn’t catch a bus in time,’ ‘There was a terrible traffic jam,’ ‘I couldn’t iron my dress in time due to load shedding,’ etc. In fact, we’ve excused ourselves so often that our habitual tardiness has become a tradition—the tradition of ‘Nepali time’ in which one can expect someone to be at least half an hour late.

And while we know that this so-called tradition needs to be given up right now, it’s so deeply rooted in our society that it needs some time to get over it. In this edition of chitchat, we sat down with five youths to know about their perception of punctuality, their experiences with tardiness, and their views on what we can actually do to get rid of Nepali time.

  Attending Evening Classes
    KATHMANDU, July 23: Samrat Kishor Chhetri’s life has changed a little after deciding to pursue an MBA degree from Kathmandu Don Bosco College in Balkumari. Unlike during the previous years of his student life, he’s now required to go to college at 5:30 PM. His classes run till 8:45 PM.

Currently holding the position of assistant in the HR and administration department of Upper Solu Hydroelectric Company Pvt Ltd at Narayanchaur, he rushes off to his college as soon as office is over.

  SLC Results To Be In New Grading System
       Ruby Rauniyar  
    KATHMANDU, July 22: The government will be introducing a grading system while publishing SLC results from the coming year.

The grading system has been prepared by the Curriculum Development Center and was officially passed by the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council last week. The Council will function under the Ministry of Education.

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