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Tihar: The Festival Of Lights, Or The Lack Thereof?
Twenty Students Receive Research Grants
KATHMANDU, Oct 21: Twenty students from Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels have been awarded research grants for their dissertations. The student research grant was given by the Hariyo Ban Program under WWF Nepal to encourage students in their research affecting biodiversity conservation, climate change, sustainable landscapes, sustainable livelihoods and gender and social inclusion.
Delightful Tihar
Though the exuberance of Dashain has faded away, Tihar has already arrived to sway us in the delight of its festive breeze. Among several festivals celebrated in Nepal, Tihar has always been the favorite one for me. Even the most premier signs of Tihar, like Tihar offers in advertisements, animate my heart. I relish each and everything about this festival of lights.

As my home lies in the countryside, one can easily find the paddy fields running up to where it blends with the picturesquely standing majestic mountains afar. These days, I can feel a very pleasant breeze in which the greenish yellow paddy plants, about to ripen, sway in my fields. Tihar has already rented the air with its festive charm all over my countryside. The gentle aroma of blossoming sayapatri, godawari and makhamali as the heralds of Tihar is perfectly soothing.
Urmila Appointed Campaign Ambassador For Plan's BIAAG
KATHMANDU, Oct 21: Urmila Chaudhary, who worked as a Kamlhari for 11 years, and now a dedicated rights activist, has joined as campaign ambassador for Plan’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ (BIAAG) in Nepal. The BIAAG campaign aims to help girls raise their voices for education and lift them out of poverty.

After her appointment with Plan, Plan International’s Nepal Country Director Mattias Bryneson said, “I’m confident that Urmila will be an eloquent advocate of Plan’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign in Nepal, as she has participated in several Plan-run programs in order to support girls joining hands for the cause of girls globally.”
A Symbolic Race For Survival
KATHMANDU, Oct 19: To raise awareness about the importance of saving newborn lives, more than a 1,000 schoolchildren from 17 public schools in the Kathmandu Valley ran a five-kilometer race last Saturday.

Organized as the world’s largest children’s race by Save the Children in partnership with Nepal Athletics Association, the Race for Survival began at 7:30 o’clock in the morning from Dashrath Stadium in Tripureshwor.
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