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Studying Abroad Versus Studying In The Country
KATHMANDU, Nov 22: You no longer feel surprised if you hear about a friend or relative going abroad for higher education. A better education system, independence and exposure to cultural diversity, among others, are what many Nepali students cite as reasons to go to a foreign university. However, many youngsters studying in Nepal share that they, too, have many reasons to feel content about having chosen to continue their education here.

In this edition of chitchat, we sat down with five youths to hear about their opinions regarding education abroad and in the country.
His Life Is Wrecked, But He Chooses To Fight
Paramita Kandel
It was a fine morning, and as always, I was rushing to college. Suddenly, I noticed something unusual 15 meters ahead.

It was a boy. But the way he walked was unusual. His legs dragging, his hands half paralyzed, with a faint emotion on his face. His feet flung onto the ground and air. He looked as if he would trip over any second. But he didn’t because it was how he had walked since childhood.
Educating Children On DRR
KATHMANDU, Nov 22: Yuwalaya, a youth-led organization, held a discussion over materials developed for disaster risk reduction (DRR) education for children, in Lalitpur on Wednesday. The organization has been running a project under the funding of UNICEF to develop education and information materials for child-focused DRR education.

Representatives of around 40 national and international government and non-government organizations participated in the interaction program.
Waiting On Tables Not A Bad Calling
KATHMANDU, Nov 20: Rajan Nepal, 25, who came to Kathmandu from Dhading seven years ago, joined OR2K Restaurant in Thamel to work as a waiter. He initially chose the job just to earn some pocket money. But the job became a passion for him over the years. Now he’s committed to working full time at the restaurant and is very content with his decision.

“My profession has helped me to build up a lot of confidence. The job involves dealing with both local and international clients,” he says. He further adds that this way, he has made many friends from different parts of the world. And working in the hospitality sector has given him a chance to learn about different lifestyles and cultures, which have made his life interesting, he emphasizes.
'Motivation Comes Naturally When You Love What You're Doing'
KATHMANDU, Nov 20: Lumanti Shakya, 23, has been working as the Sales & Marketing Executive at Hotel Yak & Yeti on Durbar Marg for the past four months. A graduate in Business with specialization in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Vatel International School of Business in France, she has experiences of working in luxury business and leisure class hotels and international companies in Europe.

“I actually came back to Nepal about five months ago after six years of studying, working and travelling around Europe. I sent spontaneous applications to a few of the top hotels in Kathmandu and the HR department at Yak & Yeti contacted me for an interview. I still remember during my interview, the General Manager asked me which department interests me the most, and I said I wanted to work in Marketing, and the next thing I knew was that I was hired to be the Sales & Marketing Executive,” she narrates how she got hold of the job.
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