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Tough Choice To Make: Mom's Kitchen Or Yummy Momos?
KATHMANDU, Sept 19: Eating out was once a luxury only very few people could afford. But things have significantly changed of late. There are restaurants and cafés meant for all. A corner café a few blocks away from your home or a fast food junction around your college, we youngsters love eating out while guffawing with friends, don’t we? Whether it’s the regular momo and chowmein, or samosas and pakoda, or just a cup of tea or a glass of cold drink, eating out is fun, and we can’t help sneaking in to our favorite eatery every now and then.

But is eating out healthy? What are its pros and cons? In this edition of chitchat, we sat down with five youths to talk about the increasing trend of eating out and whether or not they like it.
Startup Grind Kathmandu Kicks Off Featuring Dr Bishal Dhakal
KATHMANDU, Sept 19: Startup Grind is a monthly program powered by Google For Entrepreneurs. It aims to provide a platform for individuals to interact with entrepreneurs and hear stories regarding their ventures and their struggles. The program is now hosted in around 55 countries all over the world, inspiring people to engage themselves in entrepreneurial activities for social welfare.

In Kathmandu, too, the first edition of the program was held last Wednesday at Mahabir’s Center for Nepal Connection in Thamel. The event featured Dr Bishal Dhakal, \Founder of Health at Home Private Limited (HHPL).
Why don´t you.....

You really should take care of your body. As much as we loathe the thought of exercising, we all must acknowledge the wonders it does to our bodies. And apart from the obvious physical toning and shaping up, exercising also helps in de-stressing. It’s also known that after a couple of hours of slogging it out at the gym, endorphin – the body’s natural LSD – gets released which results in a feeling of happiness. Exercising also boosts memory and learning powers, it’s claimed.

And if you’re the type who shivers at even the mere mention of exercise, you can start off with small steps. Try taking evening walks (if you’re too lazy to wake up early in the morning), buy a skipping rope and go at it for five minutes, and do simple stretching exercises. It’s imperative that you don’t quit. Establish a routine. As you progress, expand your exercise time and include more workout routines. Do sit-ups and pushups. Join the gym or join an aerobics or Zumba class.
Together For The Love Of Theater And Art
KATHMANDU, Sept 17: Last Tuesday, Pratik Dulal appeared on stage at the Shilpee Theater in Battis Putali, crying over his lost laptop. The stage replicated a police station, and the character entered to report about the theft. As the play titled ‘The Mysterious Thief’ proceeded, the audience laughed out loud at the witty humors of the six actors. However, when the identity of the thief was revealed toward the end, the audience was a little disheartened.

“Sumyog Guragain from our college wrote the script and the play is based on the hypothetical impacts of scientific advancements,” informed Dulal who has been doing theater since the last two years, being associated with Space Theater in Gaurighat.
The Numbers Game
Saugat Upadhyay
Distinction in SLC, Distinction in +2, Distinction in further studies—this is the trend and need of today’s students, their parents and society who think that a paper called ‘mark sheet’ would not be complete without these grade results in their three judgmental hours known as the exam.

But these are all just numbers game. Every parent wants his/her child to become doctors or engineers, and yes, we live in one of the poorest countries living these dreams everyday.
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