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The Dogman Of Bhaktapur
There is a champion of animal welfare in Bhaktapur.

For the past six years, Dr Pranav Raj Joshi has been working with only a handful of likeminded people to treat street dogs. The 32-year-old veterinarian is vocal about the way the local government is refusing to step in. But he has not let himself be deterred from their nonchalance and continues to do his bits for the dogs.
I Have A Dream
Avaneesh Naman
The flare of a dream flickers within,
It seems to appease me by day
But haunt me at night,
I think recounting it fairly would do just right.

I wish to see a Nepal,
Where each of its peoples
Have less to fret and more to smile
And remain blissful all the while.
Discourage People From Spitting On The Streets?
Yes, our city is polluted and we inhale more dust and smoke than air.

But no reason is excuse enough for reckless spitting on the street.
Building Successful Business Ideas
Sanjog Dutta
KATHMANDU, Feb 26: Are you thinking of quitting your job to start your own business venture? Is the idea viable?

Many wonderful ideas are all over in your brain as you consider a new business venture. While you imagine your potential customers, ideas on how to make more money and bring sustenance keep revolving in your brain. Working on your big idea is important and it defines the difference between a “hit” and a “home run” product.
LOCUS 2015 Instills Hope In Young Tech Students
KATHMANDU, Feb 26: LOCUS 2015, a three-day tech festival organized by students of Department of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering at the Institute of Engineering (IOE), Pulchowk Central Campus, concluded successfully last Sunday. The fest, held under the theme ‘Technology for Future’, saw the participation of over 15 secondary and higher secondary institutions, and over 10 engineering and IT colleges.

The fest also saw competitions amongst participating schools and colleges under different categories. With an aim to encourage innovative ideas and provide a platform for young talents to showcase the same, LOCUS 2015 also initiated ‘Startup’ as one of their major competitions where ‘Bhanchha’, an app developed by students of IOE stood first.
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    Parties in government run parallel governments


    Delusion of governance


    Acid victim Sangita wants the attacker to go through same ordeal


    Living a life of second-class citizen


    Okharpauwa locals obstruct garbage dumping


  to reward $5 to users opening account


    Acid victim Sangita wants the attacker to go through same ordeal


    Hunt for acid attacker intensifies


    Living a life of second-class citizen


    Parties in government run parallel governments


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