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It doesn’t matter who prove where Buddha was born, but what really matter is that who promotes historical fact and how. In the age of epistemic violence distortion of historical facts and knowledge is a rule. Moreover, the most artificial feeling and fervor called NATIONALISM, is created through epistemic violence. Both, Nepal and India have written their histories in their own styles promoting nationalism and national culture. And, needless to say, India has always been ahead of Nepal in pro [more]
  - Rupen Nepali
Some of the comments here are absolutely ridiculous! So Buddha wasn´t Buddha until he became a Buddha therefore Buddha was born in Boudhgaya! Try reading this back to yourself. You might as well say Jesus wasn´t born in Israel because at that time the place was part of the Roman empire so therefore he was Italian.

The fact is that India is making economic capital from telling a lie. And you CAN control what millions of people think. It´s called education!

  - Flexible 1
Hats off to you for this insightful and thought provoking article. Certainly, Buddha is the pride of Nepal. In this divisive time, we Nepalese people need to be sharply aware about the disingenuity of India to falsely claim the birthplace of Lord buddha. Besides personal level, the authorities concerned along with Nepal government has to deal with indian official to annul all such fake course which still are trying to deceive and disguise crore of Buddhist residing all over the world. [more]
  - Rajkumar Ranabhat
Very articulate and well written article that sheds light on the birthplace of the Light of Asia. [more]
  - Ramesh
Great write-up MB. But I am tired of this Buddha battle. Both the logic that Buddha was born in Nepal or Buddha was born in India are ´invalid.´These demarcations were set after 2300 years of Buddha´s birth. The truth is Buddha was born in Lumbini and if there was a national entity providing him a birth certficate he would have his birth place stamped as Lumbini, not Nepal or India.

I covered this issue throughout my journalism career,visited Lumbini at least half [more]
  - Mukesh Baral





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