Novelist Ghimire loses battle with cancer  


KATHMANDU, Oct 31: Litterateur Jagadish Ghimire passed away on Thursday, after eight-year long battle with cancer. He was 68. Soon after the news of his death spread, social media was abuzz with condolence messages.

A tweet by journalist Kunda Dixit read, "We will miss you @JagdishGhimire. Your last sentence in Sakas: "Bida, sada ko lagi."

Ghimire, author of novels Sakas (discomfort), Sabiti, and Antarmanko Yatra (journey of the inner mind) among others, has also left behind a personal tale of survival despite the terminal illness. Most remember him for the never-say-die spirit that he displayed after being diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Ghimire was also honored by prestigious Madan Puraskar for Antarmanko Yatra.

Like, Ghimire, very few people could think about doing any creative work while they are suffering from such a deadly disease. Despite being hopeless, Ghimire always fought the disease and acted normally.

A veteran writer and well-known social activist, Ghimire, who had been suffering from blood cancer from last eight years, had contributed to Nepali literature until he became bed-ridden and never recuperated.

According to his son, Himal Ghimire, he did not get chance to share his last wish as he was sure that he would be fine within a few days.

"He had thought that he would be fine and return home just like on earlier occasions," shared Himal. "He had not shared any wish or anything about his literary works with us. I don´t there is any incomplete work of his, however, I will check his laptop."

He was declared dead on Thursday morning at Om Hospital and Research Center where he had been admitted for the last one month.

Ghimire´s death shocked the people close to him although they were aware of the deadly disease that was killing him slowly.

"When I came to know about his death, I did not believe. It was like I was dreaming," said Sunil Pokhrel, prominent theater artist and very close friend of Ghimire´s. "He was very close to me. I will miss him badly."

Ghimire had done his last project (Sabiti Drama) with Pokhrel which was released at Theatre Villa.

"He was fun-loving person and had very strong will power," shared Tara Acharya, a therapist who had helped Ghimire with healing touch therapy. "He cherished each and every moment of his life and also inspired others to do the same."

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My heartfelt condolence with my muktak:

Jindagi duidinko gham ho, kehisamayapachi baadal lagcha ani andhakar huncha, jun andhakarma jindagi sandaikolagi harauncha, yehinai jindagi sabai ko ho. Astu [more]
  - Dr N Khadka

Novelist Ghimire Loses Battle With Cancer
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