Japanese observers declare elections free, fair  


KATHMANDU: The Election Observation Mission of Japan has said that the Constituent Assembly (CA) election was conducted in a peaceful, free and fair manner without serious irregularities.

According to a press statement issued by Embassy of Japan in Nepal, Japanese observation team headed by Ambassador of Japan to Nepal Masashi Ogawa observed 13 constituencies and 20 polling centers in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchowk.

"In the areas where the Mission conducted its observation, it recognizes that the preparation for the polling, the polling and the counting were conducted, by and large, in a peaceful, free and fair manner without serious irregularities or incident," said the statement.

The statement said although the challenges were significant, many Nepalese people showed their enthusiasm to take part in the political process through the election.

"The mission congratulates the people of Nepal on implementing the Constituent Assembly election, and also commends the efforts toward the election made by all the stakeholders, such as the Government of Nepal, the Election Commission of Nepal, and the party representatives," the statement further said.

Divided into two teams, the Mission consisted of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and an outside expert from Tokushima University. The assertion of Japanese Election Observation Mission comes in the wake of various parties, including the UCPN (Maoist), staying out of the vote counting process alleging irregularities.

The Mission also said the Election Commission was very cooperative to the Japanese and other foreign observation missions throughout the election process.

"Japan hopes that this election will further consolidate democracy in Nepal and its post-electoral political process toward promulgating a constitution will develop smoothly," added the statement. "Japan will continue to support Nepalīs efforts for peace-building and the consolidation of democracy."

Japan had provided an aid worth 149 million yen to support the electoral process in Nepal, including ballot boxes, stickers and security seals for ballot boxes, and screens for polling booths.

    Published on 2013-11-23 00:49:44
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Japanese Observers Declare Elections Free, Fair
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