EC allocates PR seats; 30 parties in new CA  


KATHMANDU, Dec 3: The Election Commission (EC) has allocated Constituent Assembly seats to the political parties, under the proportional representation (PR) electoral system.

The constitutional body on Monday finalized the allocation of all 335 seats, five days after the PR vote count concluded.

The commission is scheduled to make public on Tuesday the allocations of PR seats to the political parties, after holding discussions with them.
According to one election commissioner, altogether 30 political parties, which have secured over 21,000 PR votes each, are going to make it to the new CA.

As per the allocations of PR seats, 20 parties have each secured more than two seats while 10 parties have secured one seat each.
Altogether 122 political parties had contested under the PR electoral system in the CA election held on November 19.

Earlier, the EC had stated that 31 political parties, which have secured over 18,000 PR votes, would make it to the new CA.
Asked why fewer parties will be in the new CA, the commissioner told Republica, “It is because of the increase in the total number of valid PR votes after verification.”

According to the final allocation sheet prepared by the EC, Nepali Congress (NC), which has emerged as the largest party under the First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) electoral system with 105 seats, has secured 91 PR seats.

CPN-UML, which is in second position under FPTP with 91 seats, has secured 84 seats under the PR electoral system.
UCPN (Maoist) has secured 54 PR seats. The party won 26 seats under the FPTP system.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), which has not bagged any seat under FPTP, is in fourth position with 24 PR seats.
Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Democratic (MPRF-D) and Rastriya Prajatantra Party have secured 10 PR seats each.

Upendra Yadav led MPRF-Nepal has bagged 8 PR seats while the Mahantha Thakur-led Tarai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) has secured 7 seats under the PR electoral system.

Three political parties--Federal Socialist Party, CPN (Marxist-Leninist) and Sadbhawana Party-- have bagged 5 seats each under the PR system.
The EC´s seat allocation sheet shows that four political parties--Rastriya Janamorcha, CPN (Samayukta), Nepal Workers Peasants Party and National Madhes Socialist Party--have secured 3 seats each.

Similarly, five political parties--Nepal Pariwar Dal, Rastriya Janamukti Party, Dalit Janajati Party, Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party and Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal--have bagged 2 PR seats each.

Likewise, 10 political parties--Sanghiya Lokatantrik Rastriya Manch (Tharuhat), Samajbadi Janata Party, Nepali Janata Dal, MPRF-Republican, Nepaa Rastriya Party, Sanghiya Sadbhawana Party, Khambuwan Rastriya Morcha Nepal, Akhanda Nepal Party, Janajagaran Party Nepal and Madhes Samata Party Nepal--have bagged one PR seat each.
Out of the total of 9,463,862 valid PR votes, 92 political parties which have not bagged any seat secured 551,404 votes.

EC officials said that the commission will provide political parties seven days for submitting lists of their respective PR candidates for seat allocations and another three days to make any corrections in their respective lists.

As per the provision on inclusiveness under the PR electoral system, political parties that are allocated up to 30 percent of the total of 335 PR seats should send 50 percent male members and 50 percent females.

Similarly, political parties that are allocated over 30 percent of PR seats should send 50 percent women members, 31.2 percent Madhesi members (women and men 15.6 percent each), 13 percent Dalits (women, men 6.5 percent each), 37.8 percent indigenous (women, men 18.9 percent each), 4 percent from backward regions (women, men 2 percent each) and 30.2 percent Khas and Aryan (women and men 15.1 percent each).

UCPN (Maoist), Madhesi parties to boycott EC meet

Taking strong exception to the EC´s decision not to review the poll results, the disgruntled parties have decided to boycott the all-party meeting called by the constitutional body for Tuesday.

A meeting of the disgruntled parties, including UCPN (Maoist), TMDP, TMDP-Nepal, Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party (TMSP), Sadbhawana Party (SP) and Federal Socialist Party, on Monday decided not to attend the EC´s meeting.

“We have decided to boycott the EC´s meeting as they ignored our demand to form an independent commission to probe poll irregularities,” Co-chairman of SP Laxman Lal Karna, who was present at the meeting chaired by UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, told Republica.

Karna maintained that the disgruntled parties believe the voting was massively rigged ´in an effort to ensure the victory of status-quoist parties´.

“We demand the formation of a commission to probe the entire voting process and address the allegations we have made,” he added.

    Published on 2013-12-03 00:00:00
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EC Allocates PR Seats; 30 Parties In New CA
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