Wild tuskers destroy more houses in Rautahat  


RAUTAHAT, Dec 7: In yet another incident of tusker attack, a herd of wild elephants destroyed four houses at Laxminiya VDC-9 of Rautahat district on Friday evening.

This is the second attack after the December 3 incident when seven houses were demolished in a similar manner at Laxmipur VDC-1.

The tuskers, which entered the human settlement from the adjoining forest areas, trampled down the houses of Sitaram Mukhiya, Sikendra Mukhiya, and Ram Kishun Chaudhary within minutes.

According to Sub-Inspector Bidya Sagar Thakur at Dudhiawa Police Station, the tuskers fled to the forest after police personnel as well as the locals started beating drums to chase them away.

Chaudhary said the tuskers not only tore down his house but also destroyed sacs of crops from the last harvest.
“Now I have nothing above my head nor food to feed my family. I don´t know how will I survive,” moaned Chaudhary.

In a similar attack on December 3, around five tuskers had leveled seven houses at Batuwa and Bhaisahi localities of Laxmipur VDC-1.
All the victims have been talking shelter at their neighbors.

“The tuskers destroyed my house in front of my eyes and I could do nothing. The incident continues to hunt me,” said one of the victims, Bhujan Majhi.
Meanwhile, the locals complained that authorities concerned have not taken concrete measures to avert the scourge of wild elephants.

However, Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhola Giri denied the allegation and said that they have left no stones unturned in controlling the tusker attack in the district.

“We have beefed up security at all the areas that are most vulnerable to tusker attacks, though we have not succeeded to avert such incidents completely,” said Giri.
Bishrampur, Santapur, Rangapur, Paurai, Bhasedawa, Maida, and Laxminiya VDCs are the most affected areas.

“Tuskers have the habit of treading on a same route where they travel for years. But today, human settlements have occupied their trails and they end up destroying the houses that come in their way,” said Rautahat Chief District Forest Officer, Baburam Bhandari.

“Besides that they also enter human settlements in search of food, mostly the crops stored by the locals at their home,” added Bhandari.

    Published on 2013-12-08 03:20:21
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Wild Tuskers Destroy More Houses In Rautahat
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