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  E-mail is still the free stamp  


I was so thrilled when I set up my first email account all by myself when I was just 10. I still use the same email address, with a few other accounts added to the list. The most difficult part about setting up an email account was choosing the password—it was really tricky then and it still is. The first possible word that came to my mind was the word ‘password’ itself, and I am sure this happens to many of us.

Gradually, we entered the world of messengers. While majority of us used msn messenger, some of us also signed in through Yahoo. The popularity of Internet saw the advent of many virtual chat sites like ebuddy and Nimbuzz, which brought together all messengers in one. We used scores of emoticons, each to represent a different emotion and also identified at least one as out favorite. Wallpapers fascinated us, and we kept changing at the slightest opportunity. We set our messengers on various themes and chose from a variety of (virtual) environments to quietly convey our moods and feelings to the one we chatted with. Waiting for the other person to appear online became a routine experience.
But things have changed today.

We have so many email identities that we need to keep a separate file just for passwords, and certainly a yet another password to secure the password file. We download several files and install applications even though we never really use them. We take random photos from our digital cameras, mobile phones and other devices and never sort them out.
There are scores of social networking sites, too. But nothing can beat Facebook. It serves everyone. Whether it’s about playing various online games or chatting away with friends, sharing updates or breaking news, advertising your products or promoting your campaign—Facebook facilitates it all. Email services are on the verge of being extinct as most people find it easier to send their messages via Facebook. It also serves as a reminder for the various life events of our near and dear ones.

Whatever services we might be using, I believe that nothing touches one’s heart as deeply as an email composed with feelings. One can get carried away while communicating via social networking sites, but with a personalized email, it’s pure heart-to-heart connection.

The writer is Chartered Accountant and Founder Member of Greener KTM Drive.
    Published on 2014-03-23 10:24:26
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E-mail Is Still The Free Stamp
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