A cuppa joy

December 1, 2016 23:55 pm

As the months get colder we must find various ways to warm ourselves and keep the winter blues away. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai embarks on a mini journey around the city in search of winter friendly drinks that you can cozy up with. These places and the drinks are perfect for a weekend get together with friends and family.

Fitness enthusiasts

December 1, 2016 23:49 pm

Many of us go through the struggle of finding ways to motivate ourselves to stay fit. The Week set out to talk to those people who have found ways to motivate themselves to work out to find out how they manage to stay focused on fitness.

The owner’s manual

December 1, 2016 23:47 pm

We are all well aware that regular maintenance is the best kind of maintenance for our vehicles. Keeping a strict maintenance schedule for our vehicles allows us to become pro-active in staying on top of our vehicles’ service needs. However, sometimes knowing a good mechanic alone isn’t enough. It’s best to be armed with some basic knowledge about your vehicle as well. The Week has compiled a list of know-hows that might make you a better car owner.

No more hair woes

December 1, 2016 23:44 pm

We, at The Week, consulted Suman Shrestha, stylist at K&S Hair Studio, to find out how we can protect our hair against the weather and pollution.

Lasik for skin

December 1, 2016 23:39 pm

As patients we are always looking for more effective treatment options and in the world of dermatology, laser treatment is steadily winning the popular vote. Dr Subekcha Karki, MD. Dermato Prologist at DI Skin Hospital and Research Center, reports that these days they attend to at least a handful of patients seeking Lasik treatment every single day. Dr Karki agrees that it is one of the most compelling alternatives but she also mentions that there is also a need to raise awareness regarding the matter.

Her creative outlet

November 25, 2016 13:02 pm

Run by Priyanka Adhikari, a 22-year-old with a degree in engineering, Pibb’s Tiny Gift Store is an Instagram account from where you can order personalized hand-painted mugs. This project started out as a hobby and a creative outlet for her artistic urges, says Priyanka.

Scintillating Shobhaa

November 25, 2016 12:52 pm

She has always spoken her mind and been totally unapologetic about it, even when it has landed her in hot waters time and again. Quite recently, she has had to face the wrath of Shiv Sena in Mumbai, India over a tweet for allegedly insulting the Legislative Assembly, Marathi language and people, and she is still living under police protection. But if, at 68, Shobhaa De has learnt anything it has been to stick by her thoughts and actions and buckle under pressure. The world around her will just have to learn to live with it, she says.

Winter wonders

November 25, 2016 12:28 pm

Most of the time the first thing most people think about when it comes to winter style are skinny jeans, heavy boots, and lots of knitwear, but let’s face it, such combos are boring. Even though fashion shows aren’t always directly applicable to your everyday style that doesn’t mean you can’t glean some inspiration and make them your own. The Week spotted some winter trends you can try; ones that are surprisingly practical during the colder months.

Winter escapes

November 25, 2016 12:02 pm

What is the best way to survive the winter? Escape it. While we are stuck in winter’s icy grip, it’s a relief to know there are places warm and breezy to escape to. We have readied a list of the top warm-weather getaways in hopes of helping you find the perfect place where beaches, warm waters, and outdoor adventures await. Plan a holiday in one of these places to get out of your heavy winter gear for a while.

Wanderlust in Annapurna

November 25, 2016 11:46 am

It had only been a few weeks since I got back from the Mardi Base Camp trail. The phone rang and a voice on the other side said, “Bhai, Annapurna round circuit gardim na ta daju bhai.” When one travel enthusiast says to another, “Let’s hit the Annapurna Round Circuit trail,” you just don’t say no. With the buzzing of world’s highest crossable pass “Thorong la”, Tilicho lake, and the whole of the Annapurna Range to walk through, my soul craved for adventure and my heart was already up there in the mountains.