The Embassy of Pakistan has handed over scholarships to 250 needy and talented students of secondary and higher secondary schools from across Nepal. The amount of each scholarship was Rs 10,000.

“It has been more than two decades working as a street vendor around Dharahara area. Though Dharahara has turned into ruins, I am still working here and I love to watch people. My son does not like me working but it’s my work that keeps me engaged and absorbed. My work gives me a good night’s sleep which I would not get otherwise,” says 73-year-old Laxmi Chettri.

The seventh edition of X-preneur, organized by Clock b Business Innovations, concluded on Sunday with keynote address by Urban Girl (UG) CEO Nikita Acharya at Kaffe Codes, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

If you are the one who love sekuwa (barbaque), then Bagarkot Food Festival is the place to be at. The festival is set to take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Bagarkot in the eastern Nepali town of Dharan. The event is organized by Bagarkot Sekuwa Byabasai Samitee. The three-day festival aims to increase domestic tourists and promote proper management of hotel entrepreneurs.

Talking to you is happiness

April 10, 2018 09:01 am

Talking to you is happiness Listening to you is sweetness Strolling with you, holding hands Walking with you, sharing plans Is a wonderful experience That I’ll cherish for a long time No matter how far is our distance.

Ever changing dreams

April 10, 2018 08:58 am

Every individual have their own dream in their life. I too have a dream in life but its ever changing. Never at pause. It all began when I started to consider being a doctor. I was largely fascinated by the respect that doctors get in our society and also by the movies where they say “Operation Successful!!!” after an surgery goes well. So that’s how I set my first aim in life.

Living legacy

April 10, 2018 08:55 am

The dreams that he beheld forbade him to seek for greener pastures abroad. Scholar, academician and Sitar maestro Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi has been living a legacy of his predecessors. Starting to play sitar under the guidance of his father, he became the first Nepali musician to hold a PhD degree in music. He received the degree from Delhi University in 2004 for his dissertation entitled ‘History of music in Nepal with special reference to classical music during the Rana period.’ Although he graduated in law in 1985, he dedicated most of his time contributing to Nepali classical music. He is one of the founder members of renowned Nepali classical and folk musical group Sukarma.

Astrology believer or not

April 10, 2018 08:46 am

To mitigate the negative effects of the planetary movements on them, people often go to astrologers in hopes that the latter can help them ward off the bad vibes of the planets. The belief is that the position of the stars and planets will affect the personality and life events of a person, and that such effects are uniquely determined for each person based on the planetary situation at the time of their birth.

5 things about Astha Raut

April 9, 2018 09:48 am

Astha Raut is widely praised for her contribution to the Nepali music. She started learning music from her father and her Guru Suresh Adhikari since her childhood. Known for her unique vocals, she started her career with the song ‘Saal ko paat tapari’ which was received well by the Nepali audience. Having sung more than a dozen songs including the popular numbers ‘Chaubandhi Ma Patuki’, ‘Jhumke Bulaki’, ‘Mayo Yo Maya’, et cetera, she has been awarded with Hits FM Music Award, Image Award, and Kantipur Honors under the best female pop vocal category.

Nepali fashion choreographer Rojin Shakya received the title of Multi Task Personality of the Year 2018 in the category Best Entrepreneur of the Year, at International Prestige Brand Award held on in Malaysia on April 7.