Musician in the making

May 18, 2018 08:39 am

17-year-old Nima Yangchey started her musical journey through Instagram. Though she has now moved on to producing regular YouTube content, Instagram was the platform that gave her the initial boost. Yangchey currently has 10k subscribers on her YouTube channel, 700k+ views on her videos and has recently crossed the 15k followers mark on Instagram.

Beauty and pageantry

May 18, 2018 08:34 am

We Nepalis really seem to love our beauty pageants. I was aware that there were niche beauty and ‘talent’ contests all over the place but we seem to have so many of them, under so many categories, that the mind boggles at the sheer numbers (and possibly futility) of it all.

Insta agony

May 18, 2018 08:24 am

I have come to realize that this Instagram addiction is really taking a toll on my sanity. While I’ve always thought of myself as a positive and grateful person, in the past few months I haven’t been feeling all that delighted with life.

Biratnagar was the hotbed of democratic movements in the early 1980s. Leaders like BP Koirala and GP Koirala were mounting pressure against the Panchayat regime to hold a referendum. This was also the place where young theater artists staged plays, sometimes critical of the regime, which irritated the local authorities.

Changing perspectives

May 11, 2018 10:07 am

Sujeev Shakya’s previous book ‘Unleashing Nepal’ was able to delineate Nepal’s economic history and examine Nepal’s economic status in the global arena. ‘Unleashing Nepal’ was also a national bestseller that inspired many young readers to understand the present economic possibilities in Nepal.

Curating your Instagram feed

May 11, 2018 09:07 am

Instagram pretty much rules our lives these days. But no matter how much effort you put in to post nice pictures and make the overall layout look good, something feels amiss. Then you stumble across all these feeds that look so well thought out and managed and you wish you could do something similar.

The good food hub

May 11, 2018 08:51 am

Food Truck Park officially opened its doors this Nepali New Year just a few weeks ago and already this quaint place is trending all over social media attracting many new customers everyday.

Decoding dyslexia

May 11, 2018 08:39 am

People with dyslexia have difficulty reading letters and words but it’s a learning disability that has nothing to do with their intelligence. Even though it is misunderstood and thus largely misdiagnosed as well, dyslexia is a very common problem in today’s kids and adults.

‘NaMo’ste Nepal

May 11, 2018 08:25 am

Yes, we are entirely dependant on you and, in terms of bilateral give and take, we take a lot more than we can ever give. But, no matter what our situation or condition, we are a sovereign country that would like to be treated as such.

Short and simple workout

May 11, 2018 08:14 am

The benefits of being active go far beyond losing weight or getting a body worth flaunting just in time for summer. Routine physical exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, improves energy levels and, studies have shown that, it even prevents many chronic diseases from developing.