Hungry paws

October 6, 2017 09:26 am

The prices of commercial dog food in our country are sky rocketing. While most of us love our pets, we might not be able to afford those packaged diet for them. Also, there are some dogs that simply cannot process commercial foods. So we at The Week spoke to Dr Sharad Singh Yadav, chairman of Advanced Pet Hospital and Research Centre, Bishal Nagar, Kathmandu to help you find the perfect diet alternative for your pet.

Cheating your way to fitness

October 6, 2017 09:16 am

We all want to eat anything we want to but still have a fit and slim body. Unfortunately, that is perhaps the only thing that’s just not possible. If you want to have a great body and look good, then you must watch what you eat. But many confess that saying no to tasty high calorie food is harder than sweating out at the gym.

Fun breakfast ideas

October 6, 2017 09:04 am

Believe it or not but there is a way to start your day on the right note and that is with a good breakfast. We have been told and retold the importance of the first meal of the day but not many of us have the luxury to prepare grand breakfasts when there are a gazillion chores that need to be done before we head to work, which is why The Week brings to you some ultimate breakfast ideas.

Getting fall-ready

October 6, 2017 08:58 am

With the arrival of fall, the temperature drops and the air gets dry and this wrecks havoc on our skin, occasionally leading to cracked skin too which can be really painful. “Cracked skin is something we all strongly want to avoid. Since our skin is exposed and hence sensitive, strong winds of fall cause much damage to it,” says Onisha Mulmi, beautician at Galz Beauty Parlor, stating that our skin demands additional attention during autumn.

The struggle is real

October 6, 2017 08:25 am

Don’t we all just love Dashain? I mean, what’s not to like? An extended holiday period, some quality family time and erm…. lots and lots of food. Except that for thousands (millions perhaps?) of over nourished people like me, with a tendency to put on weight at the mere sight of food, the festival of Dashain is a minefield that is getting increasingly harder to negotiate. At the best of times, my weight fluctuations are quite enough to make Oprah Winfrey blush but while Dashain comes around once a year, it never really leaves me – if you know what I mean.

Cheap thrills

October 6, 2017 08:19 am

Never a patient reader, I cannot sit in a place with a book for more than half hour, tops. On a typical Saturday I am home, invariably laboring through a godforsaken book, the same book I would have plodded through for better part of a fortnight. I start out at the little tea table and chair out on the porch.

Transforming traditions

October 6, 2017 08:05 am

Sanskriti Rijal, a school student, went on a Annapurna Base Camp trek during the recent Dashain holidays. She says her parents didn’t object as this is the only long holiday she gets at her school and she wanted to ulitize it properly, and not by carrying out rituals she barely even understands.

Perfecting the festive food

September 29, 2017 16:40 pm

The season of family gatherings and get-togethers is here. So we know we can look forward to a lot of chatter and a lot of good food in the coming days. And as is the case every year, we can also bet on one more thing: Mutton. It’s a tradition after all.

Good Reads

September 22, 2017 12:56 pm

Do No Harm: Stories of Life and Death and Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh Price: Rs 638 What is it like to be a brain surgeon? How does it feel to hold someone’s life in your hands, to cut into the stuff that creates thought, feeling and reason? How do you live with the consequences of performing a potentially lifesaving operation when it all goes wrong?

Your holiday reading list

September 22, 2017 12:49 pm

Writing your first book is no mean feat, as all aspiring authors out there will know. All credit, then, to these super-talented writers, who achieved fame, fortune and some even a dizzying array of literary prizes all from their debut novels. And there can be no better time to grab some inspiration from such fantastic authors than Dashain holidays. We suggest you pick a novel from the following list of debut novels to read this festive season.